Monday, June 23, 2008

Images from Last Summer

Gannon was attempting to create a new post last night, so we got to looking through all of our photos to find some for him. As we got searching, we came across a file of photos from last summer. Amazing how far we've come in one short year.

Teagen's grown a bunch. Here's a before (last year) and after (May 2008) photo for you. Although, it was great fun to keep him calmly sitting in a laundry basket. Alas, those days are gone. He's everywhere and into everything. Just as an example, this morning, while I was laying in bed pushing the snooze button way more than any human being should be allowed to, I heard someone come into my bedroom and go into the master bathroom, open a drawer, walk back out and head back down the hallway. Thinking the worst, I jumped out of bed and headed to the door. Sure enough, there was Teagen standing near his bedroom door down the hallway with a tube of toothpaste in either hand. I grabbed the toothpaste tubes and put Teagen back to bed--with much better smelling breath, I might add.
This was my plight at this time last year. On May 26, 2007, I was playing glow in the dark volleyball at Mutual. As I headed around a corner and planted my foot, the rest of my body didn't get the message that I was stopping and kept going--such awesome momentum. I heard a snap and a pop and went down. I couldn't get myself up off the gym floor. After waiting a week for swelling to go down, they put me in this cast for six weeks and then a boot for two more.
These are my berry pickers. We picked nearly every kind of berry available in our area last year. We've been doing this since they were tiny little people, and we all love it. I will never forget the year that my childcare situation fell through and little Brevin (then less than 2 years) went picking Boysenberries with us. He had an amazingly full container and then proceeded to trip over a stray vine that was running across the path. He got up and fell again the other way and then fell a third time. By the time he got up, his berry container was nearly empty. It was soooo sad, but he just started in again.
Last August was when our construction started. We rennovated our office and hot tub room into two bedrooms and a bathroom. We finished in October. We are grateful to have it done and now wonder how we lived in our house without these rooms.

Last summer, we took a trip down to the yurts in the Umpqua National Forest. Our dear friends the Beasley's go there yearly. It just so happened that a mutual friend offered us--the Beasley's and us--the chance to rent these yurts, so we went down and played and had a blast! One day, we rented a dune buggy and the kids and the dads went and ran it around in the sand.


Christy said...

It's so fun to look back!! Even more fun that I can remember most of it with you!! It all seems like ancient history. Surely you've had those new rooms years before we decided to go through the insanity :) I can't believe that was only last fall! How time flies! It's so crazy!

Alyson said...

Well that's definitely where we are with the home renovation ourselves. We're at the point where either we have to sell and find something bigger, or we have to make this home into what we need it to be. I know it will cost much less to just renovate, and I'm excited out of my mind to do it. I like this house and love the neighborhood and ward, and I want to stay here. So we'll add a bathroom and add a shower into a bathroom that just has a tub, and like magic we'll all fit!

Aw, sorry about the broken leg. I'm glad you weren't pregnant at the time, and glad that your baby wasn't a mischievous toddler getting into toothpaste and red juice. If a break had to happen, it sounds like the timing was...dare I say, good?

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