Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh How He Knows Me!

I'm a big time planner user. I have been since college. But, the last number of months I have been without, and it's made me absolutely CRAZY! My calendar is on my laptop, which is a total pain. I have to drag it out, boot up, log in, and then you know, you can't just open the computer without going online, checking a blog or two (okay, or three or four....What? Twenty?). Okay, you get the idea. Needless to say, it's not been the most efficient way to do things.

Well, Zan and I just ordered new phones as it was time to upgrade, and they should arrive tomorrow. Mine's a Blackberry, so I'll have a calendar--YIPPPEEEEE!!! I won't have any more excuses to forget things.

So, here's the tender mercy for today. I went grocery shopping this morning--saved a good amount with coupons (another yippee!). When I got home and started to unload the car, I took a bag up to the kitchen and decided to listen to the messages. There weren't any new ones, but the thing blinks all the time now, so there's no way to know, so I pushed the button to listen. It said there were fifteen old messages. Well, I didn't want to listen to all of them, so I pushed the fast forward button a number of times. It landed on message number eight. I decided I'd listen from eight on while unpacked the groceries.

Number eight said, "This is Willamette Dental calling to remind you of an appointment for a member of your household on Thursday, October 30th. Please arrive at 1pm."

I had heard this message before, but "a member of your household" is so vague around here, that I'd decided that I'd call during business hours to find out just who that was. Well, I totally forgot to do so. Here it was noon, so I called to find out it was DJ then I called the school to tell them I'd be by for her. It was her first appointment with the orthodontist. By January 22nd, she'll be in braces.

Wow! I would have totally missed that appointment. I just feel that someone who knows me better than I know myself knew I was going to miss that appointment. I love that I stopped at message #8. I hate that I'm so forgetful, but somehow knowing that He knows I am makes it okay; as long as he covers for me more often, I think I'll be okay.


Alyson said...

That is the cutest thing ever—that God covers for you when you're absent-minded! Which I always am because the seven pregnancies ate my brain.

Yay for braces. :) We have one out of braces and one in braces and we'll owe the orthodontist until the end of time because all seven will need them.

Jeannie said...

That is so cool!!! He works in misterious ways! DJ getting braces, fun,:).

Anonymous said...

that is so cool Julie!!!!!

good for you using them coupons! i need to do better with that! ♥

Ben and Heidi said...

So I need all these helpful hints about using coupons. I moved before I could get the info! You sound like you're doing great! I miss being up there and seeing all the familiar faces. I forgot about this part of starting over in a new place. It's been quite awhile since we had to do this.

vaxhacker said...

Ah, yes, braces... our eldest is in the middle of that particular bundle o' joy, and his younger brother's gearing up to follow him before long. Good luck to DJ on that.

And with my ADD-addled, absend-minded brain, I'm not sure I would be able to do anything without a planner of some sort. My PDA is my portable brain extension. I tried using a Franklin planner for a while, and useful as those are, having my Palm Pilot actually prod me with "<ping!> you need to be in a meeting in 5 minutes!" is what I need more.

Kaci said...

Oh wow that is crazy!! :) Good luck with the braces for your daughter!

Devri said...

I think I am losing it!!

I know I came over before, but I can't remember if I left a comment, soo if I did ignore me,if not-

YOu have a way cute famili.

I'll be bauckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

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