Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Little Clearer than Mud Now

Heard from the OB today. He clarified the terms in the test results. No wonder I was so confused. You should read the results--oh my GOSH! You'd have to have a PhD to understand them. Here's what he wrote today:

"IgG is an immune component that indicates an exposure from a long time ago, and in a lot of cases indicates a long-term immunity. IgM is an immune component that, if elevated, indicates a current infection. Your profile most likely indicates that you were exposed at some point in the past (probably well before this pregnancy) but do not have a current infection."

Wahooooo! So glad to finally understand. Glad to have an G and not an M. Ha ha as if I knew what either of those was before.


The Garver Family said...

I'm so glad you got the news you needed to hear...that you deserve to hear.

You're so amazing...I can't say it enough.

Rachel said...

What did I tell ya? Backwards land my friend!
Glad it works in your favor! :-)

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