Friday, March 20, 2009

Nothing Really

I want to post. I really do. I just have nothing (but everything) to write about. Too much in my brain to filter it out to make any sense at all--nothing that anyone would be interested in reading.

  • Z and I have been married for 17 years tomorrow.
  • One of my children (not the one morst of you'd probably think) got a less than stellar report card. Not a good thing in the home of an educator. I warned said child that s/he'd better give dad a head's up, so they don't get the knee-jerk reaction that would be coming their way otherwise. Not sure if that happened yet, but it put a damper on my great feelings of spring break.
  • I went to retrieve a report card from one child's backpack and found three old lunches there--molding and returning to the dust from whence they came. Ugh! The smell. Yet, still, I refuse to clean them out. Not my responsibility. Same child left a molding lunch in the ol' backpack over Christmas break one year. It was truly delightful by the time a new one was being placed in the pack for the Monday after vacation.
  • Z and I are "running away" for the weekend.
  • We are shopping for new flooring for our family room. Not sure if I shared (that would have been a good post if not). Grape soda, two two-year-olds and wool berber carpet DO NOT mix--just a bit of helpful advice for anhone out there who might need it.
  • My kids HATE the new board of chores that faces them everyday after school. I personally LOVE it, but isn't that how most things are in life between parents and kids. Sigh.
  • I'm getting to be the size of a house, but maybe that has something to do with letting Weight Watchers ideas fall to the wayside...oh, and the banana split my hubby so lovingly brought me from Dairy Queen last night (that I inhaled) and the eclair I purchased myself from Bales today for doing such a good job saving money while shopping with two little boys (c'mon who wouldn't agree that I deserved a treat). I guess I also deserve the increased poundage it's offering me.
  • While I was out shopping today, a good friend in my ward dropped off the cutest box of baby girl clothes! SOOOOO exciting!
  • Since Albertson's is no longer accepting competitor's coupons, I branched out today and ventured to three different stores. The boys were excited because that meant three different cookies, and as a mom who indulges in banana splits and eclairs on a regular basis, how could I stop them?
  • At Safeway, I bought $29 worth of stuff for $5.90. Yes, that's an 80% savings. Thank you Albertson's for making me go elsewhere.
  • I got a two-hour nap today. Thank you, T for sleeping that long too.
  • Lachlan kicks about two inches above my belly button now. She's using every square inch I can give her--atta girl!

Okay, so how's that for a random list of stuff. Nothing worth blogging an entire post about but that's life in the madhouse.

Addtional note...child with the report card just reported about speaking with Z. It went something like this, "I've learned that if I talk to him while he's at work, he doesn't freak out as much probably because he's in public." Oh, how wise. If only that same kind of wisdom could have worked earlier in the trimester. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Yea for running away!!! As soon as Bret turns 1--we are running away too! Have a fun weekend.

vaxhacker said...

Julie, we're your friends. Anything is worth reading, even if just to say "Hi, I'm still alive, how's everyone doing?" (Although I suppose that's more in FaceBook's modus operandi than here.) Of course, your more lengthy and thought-provoking entries are very interesting to read, too, but we can't all just post those with Real Life (TM) happening around us. I've gone a long time without posting anything in mine... hoping Spring Break will give me a chance to catch up there too...

* Happy Anniversary!

* We have this situation in our household right now as well. I hope this can be a learning experience in its own right. (sigh)

* Ewwww. Still, I think it's great you're holding them to fix their own problem instead of cleaning it up for them.

* Yay for running away! Have a great celebration of your marriage together!

* We're redoing our flooring for our whole house (has needed it, really, for a while now) so I can sympathize.

* Heh... we're trying to figure out how to reassign our chores here... mind sharing how yours is working in case any ideas work for us too?

* Yes, you deserve a treat :) Maybe Lachlan was telling you she wanted some ice cream!

Darilyn said...

Have fun this weekend. I'm so glad my children aren't the only ones to leave lunches in their backpacks for way too long.

Tonya said...

I love to read your random ramblings. I'm glad I ran into you at the temple today! Happy anniversary to you guys. So, you're deciding to brave all the stores huh? I'm undecided about my new grocery shopping approach. By the way..I still haven't even read Sophia's report card yet. Thanks for reminding me:0)

Ben and Heidi said...

So you need to tell me some of your shopping secrets. It's becoming quite the craze here too, (I get 5 newspapers) but I'm still learning. Sounds like things are good and crazy as they should be.

Alyson said...

I still want to see pictures of your belleh!

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