Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting the Blogging Feeling Again--YAY!!!

We're still looking for a van to fit our growing brood. There's actually one across town! Only's new. We were hoping for a used one just because new ones lose their value so quickly. But, to not have to have it shipped or take a trip across country would be a great bonus. Also, the trade in of our beloved Odyssey (I will miss that van) would be easily handled right here in our own city. We're going to look at it on Saturday afternoon.

Found one of comparable value with a few features I like better--lower price, better color and lower roof--in Boise. I'd definitely be willing to make the drive to get those things. Plus, we'd be able to see a few members of Z's extended family (whom I adore). That'd definitely be an added perk. We'll see what the guy says today when he replies to my 10pm email from last evening.

I, after a long time, was reading over some of my friends' recent posts and found a link to NieNie. I have only read this blog very sporadically, but it inspires me every time. After reading this morning, I felt such a great gratitude for the life I have. Z interrupted my reading for family prayer. As he prayed, he named each of our children. At the end of the list, he added "Miss Lachlan." I felt so touched by this. She's such a part of our family already.

I'm at the point where I wonder what she'll look like. Will she have DJ's bald head? Will she have the customary big blue eyes. Will she be dark haired like B? Will she be the one to finally break the Hess mold and have a look all her own? I'm grateful for ultrasound that lets me know that she has a working brain and heart. That she has all of her fingers and toes. As time goes on, they have assured me that they will be doing weekly ultrasounds. At our last appointment, I shared with our doctor the story of A. I will post this later, so you can understand what I'm talking about. I guess with women my age they check things a lot closer, but routinely they start monitoring later than I need. My doctor assured me that the monitoring would start about three weeks earlier in our case. Phew! Thankful for great doctors who listen.

Today is a day off for the kids. There's usually a teacher work day, which means Z doesn't get to join us, on the second Friday in April.

Two years ago it landed on my birthday, so I dragged the kids up the Columbia River Gorge--my favorite place in the whole wide (though extremely limited) world that I've seen so far. I think that if I were to see the whole wide world in its entirety, I'd still love this place the best. My dad grew up on the Washington side of the Gorge in a little town called Klickitat, so we made frequent trips when I was a kid up to his old stomping grounds. These are great memories of my childhood.

On that April day two years ago, we hiked the day away, got lunch at the traditional "hole in the wall" drive-in (the East Wind Drive-in), who used to have the HUGEST burgers and fries and WONDERFUL milkshakes and headed home. They've downsized a bit over the years, but they're still the BEST.

Last year, I begged the kids to do this again, but one of them moaned and complained. Get the kid a doctor!!! Amnesia is a terrible thing. She must have forgotten how much fun we'd had the year before. Today, I'm so tempted to do it all over again, but this time I'm afraid, I'm the one dragging my feet and my overly large belly. I just couldn't do it properly. Oh, but I'd really love to try.

So, funny story....

When we only had two children, Z asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I told him I wanted to go up the Gorge. I don't think he'd taken this trip with me in the past. I put him in the driver's seat. What was I thinking??? I was surprised when he totally by-passed the scenic highway and Multnomah Falls and even Cascade Locks. He took me up to the Bonneville Dam and fish hatchery. What???!!! I realized that I was riding with an educator. I had only been to these places on school field trips when I was in elementary school. We saw the sturgeon and the salmon swimming upstream. Ho hum. The one good thing was that Z got his first taste of the drive-in and he was hooked. I have learned that when it comes to the Gorge, I'm a snob. I now know that I have to be in the driver's seat to do it right. I leave that to no one else. So, if you ever want to go see it, let me know. I'll take you in a heartbeat (with my bulbous belly or not)!


Jen {} said...

I've never visited the Gorge, but from the pics you posted, it looks like a beautiful place to visit! I'm excited for you and this baby! It's got to be totally rad to see the newer ultrasounds--that they even do in 3D & 4D! Wow! That would be something. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Oh, and good luck on the van hunting.

vaxhacker said...

On our way back from Washington at the end of spring break, we decided (well, weather in the mountain passes forced it anyway, in the end) to go back by way of the gorge instead of the straight shot down I-5 into Portland.

I love the gorge, it's a lot of fun, and if you're into hiking there are about a zillion hiking trails all along the gorge and lots of interesting places to go and things to see.

This time we stopped at Stonehenge before crossing the river, which our family hadn't seen before. That was fun!

Alyson said...

I have, like, terminal curiosity, so I can't wait to hear the story of A. I loved that they've downsized burgers, fries, and shakes: maybe you're upsized? :) Though I have to say, I actually approve of smaller serving sizes, so maybe it's good.

I'd love to go see it! If ever I make a trip your direction, even if I have to follow you with my child-filled Suburban behind your van, I'm going. :)

Rachel said...

Wow Jules! Do they make you get a special license to drive that machine? Awesome!

As for the Gorge... I sooo miss it! I would love to be spring breaking in it. :-)

I have it on good authority that miss Lachlan will be beautiful. ;)

Miss you!

Darilyn said...

How did the van hunt go? While driving through the gorge on Friday my sister just kept saying how beautiful it was. I haven't done enough things there and I'd love to explore that area more.

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