Saturday, October 2, 2010

Don'cha Just Love It?

I thought I'd better write while things are fresh in my mind.  General Conference's Saturday morning session just finished, and I have so many thoughts in my mind that I want to get down before they leave me.

Because of a sick baby last night, I was the one who got to skip out on this morning's soccer games and stay home to take care of her.  The house is quiet, and now that she's asleep, it's just me.  Wow!  What an opportunity!  I've never gotten to watch Conference alone that I can recall.

The sound wasn't working online, so I missed the very beginning including a few of the words of the prophet.  I don't know which temples were announced, but I figured out that if I went to the audio feed, I could get that going also.  Isn't modern technology amazing and wonderful?

I felt inspired to continue to encourage my children toward serving missions.   I cried as Elder Holland talked to me.  I really felt that.  I've never felt so sustained and supported as I did as I listened to him talk.  I hadn't realized that they think about and appreciate what I do.  As he spoke and shared a number of ways in which members of the Church serve, I noticed that I have done many of those things.  They were small things, most of them, and I somehow felt that my Heavenly Father was aware.

The talk by the General Primary President was sweet.  I felt humbled to be in the position in which I currently serve and felt happy that I've been blessed with the vision of what my calling's all about--that I am to take each child by the hand and walk with him/her, encouraging each one to continue on the path that I find such joy in.

Brother McConkie made me want to radiate the love I have for the Gospel with the children while I do sharing time in Primary this month.  Although I'm not a trained teacher, I have all that I need just with my enthusiasm for what I'm teaching and whom I teach.  I truly love the children I get to serve.  What a blessing that is!  I also feel their love for me, which I a great gift that makes it all so much more do-able.

Elder Christopherson urged me to work hard all day and teach my children to do the same.  He reminded that there are many "mind-numbing" things we can use for entertainment.  I felt cautioned.  I know that facebook is one of those things.  I learned a number of months back, as I listened to blogger Stephanie Nielsen share some of her feelings, that all things can be used for good.  That's what I want to do with these potentially dangerous things.  First of all, I want to watch more carefully how I use my time and secondly, when I do use them, that I use them for only positive, building purposes.

Now President Uchtdorf....Wow!  How I love that man!  What a wonderful message.  I have often felt apologetic when people enter my home, that things are so undecorated and plain.  As I listened to President Uchtdorf, I found that there's a reason for that.  I have always been drawn to simplicity.  I don't know why, but I have never been a frilly person.  After hearing him, I want to simplify further.  I want to have the ability to spend time building the relationships that President Uchtdorf shared were most important--with God, with family, with fellowmen, and with self.  I want to spend my time in secret, personal prayer; in quality time shared with my husband and each individual child in my family; in being sensitive to the needs of those individuals I come in contact with; in cherishing the relationship with myself.

What a wonderful session!  I feel so uplifted and desirous to change and focus my life on the important things in my life.  Truly wonderful!


vaxhacker said...

I think I loved Pres. Uchtdorf's talk the best. So much there I needed to hear.

Tonya said...

We missed this morning because of soccer, but I loved the afternoon session. President Uchtdorf really spoke to me today. I definitely feel that need to simplify in my own life as well as in the lives of my kids. It rang true when he said that when we over schedule it diminishes our joy. I have felt that.

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