Monday, October 11, 2010

A Fluke?

Is there really such a thing as a fluke?  I'm not sure if I believe in coincidence.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I don't.  A recent turn of events in my life has me thinking that yet again, flukes and coincidences don't just happen.

My mother was a fastidious genealogist.  It was her love, after my dad and us kids, of course.

A few years back, I saw that she had my grandmother's (her mother's) year of death written as 1933 in one place and 1934 in another.  BAFFLING!  Yet, I did nothing to solve the problem.  I just looked it up her records and left it alone.

The other day, I received a message from one of her cousins stating the error and asking which was correct.  I honestly didn't know, so I got into looking for the answer.

I contacted a gentleman in Spokane Valley, Washington.  I think I've shared about the historical museum there and the interest they have in my mom's pictures.  Well, this man is my contact with the museum.  I emailed him and asked if he would go to the cemetery and take a photo of my grandmother's grave.  He wrote back the next day stating that he and one of the grounds keepers at the cemetery had walked the grounds near the site that day, and it was gone.  This is the photo he took:

L-15 section

I was told that her site is near the road and that she is buried next to her parents, so I'm assuming that the four in front are her family.

It is this grandmother that I'm referring to.

I have checked grave site transcription records and found my grandmother listed, so I'm assuming that some kind of marker was there between 2001 and now.  I have a hard time believing that my grandfather would leave her grave only marked with a temporary marker.  She died in 1934.  It was the great depression.  She had been sick for awhile, and that illness was expensive to treat--they sold family land to be able to cover the cost.  It's just such a mystery, but I need to make it right.

I spoke with a man at the cemetery today.  He is going out this morning to probe for a temporary marker that may have sunk down.  I should be getting a call in a couple hours.  I also have a man locally who is ready to help me find a new marker for a good price.

Not sure why it's so strongly in my mind.  It just has to be taken care of.  I have always felt close to this grandmother.  Sometimes I wonder if she watches out for me.  Now, it's my turn to watch out for her.


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