Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Life

I read the blog of a friend the other day.  He said how he was working on writing a journal entry a day and that he had been doing really well at it.  As I read that, I thought about why I started this blog....It was so that I'd have a fun place to write my daily journal.  I have somehow lost the whole picture of what that was to me.  I think I wanted to write something that would be wonderful each time I sat down.  Life has gotten busier with husband, kids (and their activities), school (theirs and mine), my current calling, keeping my house together, and just trying to strike a balance.

I definitely (after not blogging regularly for so long) see the what blogging did for me when I was writing daily.  I could sound-off on the goals I was working toward.  It made weight loss so much easier because of the accountability aspect it offered.  It gave me a bit of fun and creativity each day.  It gave me a link to the outside world.  It also helped me to assess and analyze just how I was feeling about life and its many facets.

So, for today, here's what I'm feeling and doing....

I'm still working on my statistics class, but I'm seriously in the market for a tutor.  The last exam I took took the wind out of my sails.  I did sign up for a new class yesterday--Adolescent Literature.  I have found that when I have two classes to take (one being enjoyable), I do better in both.  Thus the reason for the new class. 

As I'm getting closer to graduation, there is a new sensation.  I wasn't expecting it, but it should have been expected just by understanding human nature.  That is the difficulty in finishing.  I feel like I'm crawling to the finish line.  If I can get through these two classes and then finish two more, I can get onto the capstone, write my paper and be done.  The Warden has even mentioned the possibility of going to BYU and "taking a walk."  That would be kind of exciting.

I'm really loving my calling.  We have more than 70 kids, and they are WONDERFUL!  We just had our Primary program this past Sunday, and it went so well.  My counselors are so amazing.  It baffles the mind how well we each bring something different and complementary to the table.

Inmates #s 1 and 2 have their last soccer games of the season tonight.  They're playing my alma mater.  Inmate #1, although she has one more year of high school left, has decided not to play soccer next year.  I am very relieved.  My hope is that she'll run cross country.  She's a really good runner.  So, after eleven years, this will be her last game.  The hope is also that she will go and get her driver's permit tomorrow after school.  Soccer practices every weekday make it impossible to go get it, so wish her luck.

With the permit comes the car that the Warden's parents have been holding onto for her. 

This leads to the idea that the garage has to be cleaned out to house said vehicle.  This hasn't happened, but it's not that hard if I can just get myself in there without distraction.  It's not crammed full of stuff, it's just boxes of papers and a few other things that need to be tossed, organized and put in a reasonable place.

So, there it is.  I'd better get going with some studying.  I have to wait for my text to arrive for the lit. class, but there's always stats to worry about. 

Grocery shopping was on today's list too, but so was the curriculum order for Primary for 2011, so that took precedence.  Do I really want to go to the store with a very tired post-preschool Inmate #6 and Inmate #7 who had a fever for two days (but it doing much better this morning)?  Just thinking I'll save that fun for tomorrow.  Can't there just be a few more hours in the day?  I love the hours that Inmate #6 is at school, but there is always SO MUCH I want and need to do during that time that it overwhelms me.

Hope you have a great and productive day!


Alyson said...

You have lots going on! I wish #1 the greatest luck, on the game, and on the learner's permit. I really, really love having my eldest driving. It just opened up my schedule in the most wonderful way. I don't even have her run errands for me; just not having to run her errands is a boon!

vaxhacker said...

I'll certainly enjoy reading more about life in the madhouse. Sure sounds busy lately!

Tonya said...

Ay,Yi, do ya spell that anyways?

I have had so many of these same thoughts lately about my own blog. I have been a huge slacker with it. I really want mine to be used like a journal, but I tend to make mine a little more newsy, scrapbooky...whatever ya want to call it. I want mine to be a little more personal. Filled with joys as well as hopes, fears, disappointments.

Thanks for the inspiration to take more time writing about my daily happenings. I think it's important.

Anonymous said...

i love that header :)
girl.. i know how you feel about having so much to do.
but just remember--
and i do mean always
take time for Chocolate :)

Hesses Madhouse said...

HAHA! Merrianne! I think of you this time of year when I attach my lovely header. Thank you! You're the BEST!

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