Friday, October 29, 2010

Ya Know...Just Stuff

As I went to write, the words, "The lunatics have taken over the asylum...." were playing.  When I first started this blog, that was the only song that was going to be on my playlist, but there really are so many good insanity songs out there.  "Unwell" used to be my ringtone and was on the playlist as well--such a good one.  For now, the playlist is just a random selection of faves, but maybe someday there will be so many good nutty songs out there that I'll specialize it into something really fitting.

So, on my mind this morning....

Sick baby is #1.  I took her to the doctor yesterday.  I made the appointment 40 minutes before we went.  As soon as I made the appointment, Inmate #7 started acting like her old self.  I nearly canceled the appointment but then thought eh, what the heck and went.

When we arrived, she was still acting perfectly fine, but then the physician's assistant took her temp.  It was 102+.  The doc looked her over and everything was normal--so just a virus?  They decided to have her do a urinalysis and gave her a can and a half of apple juice to drink, put a little bag on her and put her diaper back on.  We were to wait.  Well, we waited...and waited...and waited.....In the meantime, soccer games were starting.

Inmate #5 was with me.  As we waited, Inmate #5 found an unlocked cupboard.  Inside the cupboard, were...TOYS!  He pulled them out and started playing with them.  There were a bunch of those foam puzzles, but they were all in pieces.

I showed him how to make boxes from them.  That's when the fun began.  He started hurling foam puzzle boxes at me, and I started hucking them back.  There we were, sitting on the floor throwing things at each other.  We were laughing so hard I think anyone outside them room much have wondered what was going on.

Well, we continued to wait.  Nothing happened.  The doctor wasn't overly concerned, so she said that if we wanted to, we could just leave and come back if symptoms got worse.  Being concerned about missing #1's game, and not being overly concerned about "just a virus," we headed to Inmate #1's game.

As we pulled into the parking lot, I said, "Oh good, they're still going."  Inmate #5 said, "No, Mom, I think they're running across the field."  Yes, they were.  I had just missed the game.  #1 had played as goalie for most of the game--position she hasn't played since she was probably 9-years-old.

We snatched up #1 and headed to Inmate #2's game at the good ol' purple and white.  The marching band was practicing in the pouring down rain.  Ah memories!

His team was getting slaughtered, but they were being good sports about it.  The other team was not.  I could hear the ref tell two purple boys to "be quiet and just play the game."  The Warden told me they'd been whining the entire game.  Yes, when I went to school there, I knew I was amongst a bunch of spoiled brats, but who knew it'd hold over this many years.

Inmate #6 is at the pumpkin patch this morning, so I will pick him up an hour later than usual.

Inmate #7 has been crying most of the morning, won't eat anything and only drinks when she feels like it.  She refuses most of the time, but I keep offering.  For now, she's sleeping.  The dishes are running, the upstairs portion of the house is straightened up, and I'm trying to work up my nerve to start studying.

My neighbor down the street just stopped by to tell me that she had started Weight Watchers online on Tuesday and had already lost six pounds.  I needed to hear that!  Maybe she'll get me inspired to pick it back up.  At this point, I don't think I look terrible or even bad, but I know it will come back on if I don't do something, so I was very glad for her news.  We also discussed another friend who started WW a couple months ago.  She went from a size 18 and is now a 14!  Just wish I could find that same motivation I had before.  There's got to be something that'll keep me going and get that last ten (probably now 15) pounds off.

Well, got to go get some "Duds of the Milk" out of the cupboard--gotta snack while a study, right?

Somebody...please STOP ME!


Alyson said...

You're a WW inspirer! Way to go, converting your neighborhood one person at a time. ;) I didn't want the millions of chocolate around my house this year, so I'm giving away glow in the dark bugs and sparkly tattoos. I'm afraid the kids will yell LAME at me, but it'll save me 3-5 pounds so I'm doing it anyway. And I'm so sorry you missed #1's game! :( :( :( Hope #7 gets well quickly.

vaxhacker said...

Put down the Milk Duds and step away!!!

I just need someone to yell that at me some days lately. I swear, my first time at WW was easier than coming back to correct the little backsliding I started feeling.

You've done it before, though, you can stick with it and get where you want to be!

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