Monday, October 4, 2010

Z Wants a Name

We had guests for Conference.  I believe I mentioned that in my last post, but I have to tell you some funny things I learned about our guests.  We had a couple (Makay and Cali) come over who are currently attending Pacific University in Forest Grove.  They are newly expecting their first baby.  Exciting times!  Funny thing is, that Makay's parents took us under their wings when Z and I were a young couple, going to college, and expecting our first baby.  His mother helped me sew baby clothes and a quilt (which we still have and use).  Makay was seven (A's age).  Z and I were 24, the same age Makay is now.  Funny.

As we talked about this fact, many things became clear to me.  First of all, I have to tell you that Makay's mom is one of my heroes.  I love her to pieces.  She's sweet and obedient and kind and just plain "together."  She's the whole package.  I want to be just like her (when I grow up).  Over the years, and especially back in that day, I would sit and ponder about why she'd want to be friends with me.  I really have never figured it out.  But, having Makay and Cali over yesterday, I think I'm finally starting to understand.

We really loved having them over.  They made us feel young and happy.  They are venturing into a new world with all the changes that are happening in their lives.  Oh how I remember those days.  How different it would have been had we not had friends like Kitti and Kjel--Makay's parents.

Now, since their parents are far away, I'm hopeful that Z and I can step in and help in whatever way we can.  So nice to be able to give back to the family that gave so much to us!  Tender mercies.

Okay, so now to the title of this post...

Between conference sessions, Mormon Messages were played.  This one came up, thus part of the reason for me reading NieNie yesterday:

I introduced Cali to NieNie yesterday, and we talked a bit about blogging.  Z got into the conversation, as did Makay.  While we talked, Z interjected, "Mr. Nielsen(the name NieNie has given her husband in her blog)?  I want a name.  I'm just Z.  Why can't I be (I can't remember what title he gave himself, but something truly obnoxious, I promise you), or something other than Z?" 

So, now, the quest begins.  If I'm going to give him a name, you'd better believe the rest of the gang is going to hop on that bandwagon until we have an entire orchestra begging for cool, hip, and slightly obnoxious (probably more than slightly) monikers.  So, ideas?  I'm totally open.  Here's the line up for now, see what you can do with this....

Z (dad)
Q (nearly 17-year-old daughter)
G (15-year-old TODAY!!!! son)
DJ (13-year-old daughter)
B (10-year-old son)
A (7-year-old son)
T (almost 4-year-old son)
L (15 month old daughter)

Maybe I'll have them describe themselves and use what they come up with, but for now, see what you can do with what you know.  I'd love to hear it!


Jo Tapasa said...

Z = "Zippidy", short for "Zippidy-Du-Dah" Dad. I giggle imagining you calling him "Zippidy" in a "cool dude" way...but then disgustingly calling him by his "full name" when he needs to step up and put on the "big boy pants" in the firm parenting role.
Q = Quirk-o-licious
G = Guy Smiley / Mr. Goal
DJ = ?
B = ?
A = ?
T = Sir Nap-o-lot
L = Meckuva (we are going through the same growth stage and I can keep NOTHING clean!!! Hence, I thought the name may fit at your house, too!)
Anyway...good luck with that!

vaxhacker said...

It would, of course, be just desserts for all the zany names Z tends to call people :)

You could go with the pattern they used in the D&C where they substituted names of people mentioned with random things like Ahashdah and Gazelam for protection during the persecution period.

Tonya said...

One time in Gospel Doctrine Zan introduced himself as Zan Hessenstein to the new teacher ( I think it was Carl Robison when they were new in the ward). Anyways, I thought it was HILARIOUS that he called himself that in front of a stranger...and he never corrected it either. I remember laughing out loud. So, my vote would be Mr. Hessenstein :)

Rory Baxter said...

What fun and adventures you have at your house. I dont have any recommends, but will look forward to what you come up with!

I was just noticing again how close all of our kiddos are in ages, and again wishing you werent so far away. The kids would so love each other, and I bet they would be good friends. We should maybe try to get together one of these days if things ever settle down...:)

Thanx for always sharing the great things that are going on in your part of the world!

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