Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 29 - In This Past Month, What I have Learned

Hmm...hmm....hm....Nothing?  No.  There's got to be something.

I learned to make those brownies in a mug, and they are AMAZING.  I'm afraid that's going to be a staple for the next little while.  It is about time for a mid-morning snack.  Don't tell Inmate #3 after what she said about my eating healthy.  It might shatter her image.  She's also the one who thinks I'm a straight A student.  Oh poor child.  Someday that pedestal's gonna come crashing down.  I don't want to be there when it happens.  How do I let her down gently?

I've learned that when you start to feel scared or panicked about the future, look to God.  Trust Him.  Lean on Him.  This isn't new for this month, it's something I keep relearning, but it's definitely something I've learned this past month.

I've learned a lot from the scriptures in the past month.  I was surprised by how much I learned about Laman and Lemuel and the whole Nephi and Laban thing (which has always bugged me), I gained a little more insight about that.  I love that each time I read, I get new things out of it.  I finished the Book of Mormon on December 31st, so I could restart it on January 1st.  It was a good move.  I look forward to reading everyday.

I learned that all the usual Christmas hubbub isn't necessary.  Simple is good.

From my last post, the reason I decided I'm better in print than in person happened this past month.  I went out with a friend for a few hours.  She'd seen my facebook statuses and read my blog, so what else was there to talk about?  I don't live the life of a sky-diving, living on the edge, career woman who knows all that's in the news.  I live the quiet, isolated life of a mother of seven.  There aren't very  many of us, but it's funny how, if you get us together, there'd be plenty to talk about because we'd totally be able to relate to one another and the crazy happenings of our everyday lives.  To everyone else, it's just boring--can't relate.  I do understand that there are more and less chatty times for me, so I must be in a mellow mode.  I need to learn to be okay with that.

I'm becoming a really good motivational speaker and cheerleader for kids on losing teams.  **sigh**  Inmate #2 has been on winning soccer and basketball teams for the last number of years.  Our current high school has a terrible trend of expecting to lose.  It's AWFUL!  I wish they'd get themselves out of this funk, but it just seems to perpetuate.  Let's see if because the football team won state this year, it can help boost the morale of all the teams in the school.  That would be wonderful!

I'm learning to listen to my husband when he says I should go to the doctor.  Yay for him!

On the other side of that coin, I taught two of my boys how to make cookies.  I taught Inmate #4 how to really clean a kitchen.  It is absolutely sparkling right now.  Ahhh.  You know life is good.  I've continued to teach my children that they have my love and support and my listening ear.  I am learning to respond with calmness remembering that nothing is the end of the world.

I'm in a good place right now.  I'd like to remain here but life changes, and I know it has its ups and downs.


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