Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Experiment - Day 2

Kids'll be home from school in an hour and a half.  I figure I'd better get a post done while I can.  I'm hoping to also have a few minutes to drag myself a bit further through The Named.  It's a cute story idea; just not a lot of realistic dialog and the writing is really plain, but Inmate #3's gonna love it.

Next, I'll be reading Inmate #1's favorite book--Maximum Ride.  She once said she identifies with the main character.  I guess that's what really makes a good book when it comes right down to it--somehow identifying with it.  I once told my librarian friend about Inmate #1's feelings, and she said that wasn't good.  When I asked why, she said, "Max is just so responsible.  She has the world on her shoulders."  Interesting!  I guess I'll be seeing what this is all about here pretty soon.  There is no question that as oldest child, Inmate #1 takes on a lot of responsibility.  She's very good at it too.

Well, day two of the experiment, and it's all good.  Remarkably so.  I even had kids thinking ahead yesterday.  I made cookies with raisins, oatmeal, nuts and chocolate chips in them--wanted to make sure that they had grain, fruit and protein all covered.  They all loved them and asked for more.  They each even took two and put them in a bag for lunch for today.  Woah!  Planning ahead?  Unheard of. 

Even my teens, who struggle in the morning to get their lunches made, had lunch ready by the time they went to bed last night.  Heaven forbid you should be the last one getting your lunch made at this point. 

By tomorrow afternoon, we'll be back to normal.  We'll see if they are at all changed by what they've experienced.  Yah, I doubt it too.  I keep getting this picture in my mind of MacCaulay Culkin pulling all the ziploc bags and glass jars full of gross things out of his lunch bag as he offers to make the lunch trade on Uncle Buck.  Hoping we don't end up like that tomorrow.  But if we do, maybe there's a better chance for a more indelible change.


Jen said...

I could just picture your kids now pulling out their Ziploc bags and glass jars as a trade at school. Ha. You'll have to let me know how you like the book!

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