Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday to me...."

My sister sent me some money and instructed me to go get my hair done so I'll look all nice for Saturday's events.  Because money was involved and because my sister knows SO MUCH more about style than I do, I went and made an appointment to go get highlights done.

I went to my usual hair person.  She always does a great job.  Last time she colored my hair (eons ago because I hate to pay the money for the upkeep), it turned out fantastic (best ever).  With that last comment, you can kind of see where this is going, right?

Well, I went in, we only chatted briefly.  I told her I only wanted a few highlights.  She said, "Blonde, right?"

Well, duh!  NOOO!  Not blonde!  I have dark hair.  But did I say, "No?"  NO!  What a dummy!

So, she gets all done, and there I am staring at this blonde lady in the mirror.  It actually looks kind of good...until I realize that on Saturday, when they show the photos of me and my family, the audience'll all be looking at a dark haired woman, and a blonde woman--no, worse, a dark haired woman who's pretending to be blonde with ugly, very contrasted streaks--'ll come walking down the aisle.  Ugh!!!

By the time I got home, I was miserable.  I called my hair lady and told her how I needed to do something about it, and she told me that it would be fine, I was just nervous.  It also stinks that I have a really good rapport with this woman.  I've been seeing her for years.  I don't want to ruin it by going back to her and telling her how much I hate it.  I will feel like I can never go back to her again if I do that. dear SIL is going to fix it for me probably Friday if I can keep myself from shaving it before then.

Maybe I'll just have to find a really nice hat to wear for the next couple days.


Kati said...

I am sure it is not as bad as it feels. We are our own worst critics. You should post a picture!

Darilyn said...

hello, where is the picture? We can't help with our opinions if you don't put a picture. As far as being worried about the pictures at the awards being different than how your hair is now, I would not worry about that one bit. Women change their hair ALL the time. It's our prerogative!

Anonymous said...

dontcha hate it when that happens!?!?!!!!
i have been through many a hair trauma!!
thank goodness it was only highlites.. you can color over those. i'm glad it wasn't a bad cut!!
good luck!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

So funny to me! Maybe not so much for you. I have been there though. I am always too afraid to say anything to the hairdresser after wards, so I just don't go back!

I hope you kept the style, if you were liking it.

So, my word verification is fartists. I'm not normally into that kind of humor, but this cracked me up today. :)

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