Friday, May 27, 2011

Back to the Awards

Eons ago, we had a little family dessert on Sunday evenings and would hold an awards ceremony.  At that time, we would give out a number of items.  There were things like a large T-shirt and a heart pillow.  The winner for that week would be handed a sharpie pen and would be allowed to write the date and his/her name on the item wherever he/she wanted to.  I recall that the shirt was given to the "hardest worker" and the pillow was given to the "peacemaker."

Each week, we'd all look forward to seeing who would be the winner for the week.

Today, I sat down with the kids, and we listed how we think our home should be.  We moved the qualities they came up with under four categories--peacemaker, hardworker, service and most respectful. 

Starting this next Sunday, we will award these after family council.  The winner will be given a tie-dyed T-shirt to wear whenever he/she wants to for that week.  The kids agreed today that writing their name on the item was a big reason why they wanted to win, so that will continue this time around.  It will probably end up being a night shirt because we are such an interesting range in sizes here.  It will be returned on Saturday to wash and then will be given to the next winner the next Sunday.

If someone sweeps it and ends up winning all four, there will be a bigger prize.  Most likely it will be a gift certificate to Dairy Queen or something along those lines.


Jen said...

What a fabulous idea! Where were you when my kids were growing up so I had such fantastic ideas! You are very creative.

Janiece said...

great idea.
I never was that creative with my family.

Unknown said...

This is really a creative idea. The competition must be fierce. I wanted to contact you before now about the Women of Noble Character co-hosting idea. Are you still up for it? Contact me at lynda(dot)schultz(at)ymail(dot)com.

Lia London, author said...

I was wondering how you'd handle the size differences. The night shirt is a great idea.

Every FHE, we have "Give a Cheer" time when we go around and everyone shares things they thought were neat that the others in the family did. It could be anything from doing well in a class to sharing more. You can see that my husband and daughter especially look forward to this time to hear a few accolades. We all need an "atta boy" sometimes, don't we?

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