Monday, July 18, 2011

Cookbooks - the Inside Scoop

Okay, so I have to share the inside scoop on this just a bit.  As you know, when the idea of going to Japan was first presented to me, I responded with "No way."  In my mind, no money + no passport = no way.

I then prayed about it and knew this was what I was supposed to do.  I won't go into too much detail because it's very personal.  Let's just say it was clear.  After the first answer, I prayed to know what to do.

The next morning, the cookbook idea came while I was sitting in the car waiting for the kids from cross country practice.

I got home and started typing my most used recipes up.  I decided to share the news with friends via facebook just to see if it was something feasible that people would want and would buy from me.  I was shocked at the huge response, but I didn't have a concrete plan at that point.

During the discussion on facebook, a good friend mentioned a cookbook that was created for her family reunion and how economical it was and how nice they turned out.  She gave me a web address, so I went there, and we were off.

So, at this point, I have sold 100 cookbooks.  If I can sell another 100, it will take the price down by more than another two dollars per book.  So, do you know of anyone else who would like a cookbook?  Please send them my way.  I'm selling them for $15, but I'm not asking extra to ship them out to those who need me to.  That will come from the $15 too.

I have to share also that the recipes are tried and true.  There's a little bit of everything.  There will be about 200 recipes in the book.  I must say, I am not a gourmet chef.  I don't cook with fancy stuff.  The ingredients these recipes are made of are things you'd have in your cupboards on any given day--unless you're like me and put off grocery shopping with its summer vacation and the kids are home, and you don't like tag alongs while you shop.

There is a section in the book that I'm very excited about.  Another friend came up with this one, which was brilliant!  Anyone who orders can send me his/her own recipes to include in the book.  They will be placed in their own section:  "Friends of the Madhouse."

Final orders will be taken Wednesday.  That's the day after tomorrow, so if you want one, don't put it off much longer.  I don't want to order 100 extra without having orders placed for them because my husband may never forgive me if I do.  Do I sound pathetic enough?

Thank you!!!


Tonya said...

Not pathetic! You're in a serious time crunch. But, WOW! Look at how many people love you and want this to happen for you. I will post something on my blog and facebook tomorrow to get the word out more:)

Grace said...

this is just amazing Julie! I don't know how many people who could have pulled off what you have done in less than a week. you will do so much good in Japan and what a blessing for you to return and help those there. thanks for you wonderful example

Anonymous said...

That's a great Idea, Julie!
You are an inspiration!

Grace said...

oh and by the way Julie, i posted your info on the returned missionary moms website and one lady bought a book and donated some money and another said she bought several cookbooks...good luck at reaching that second 100!

smiliesar said...

Found you via Tonya. I'll take a cookbook and I'll check with my husband but we might take a couple extra to give as gifts too. Good luck on your trip. My brother and his wife served in the Fukuoka Mission in the 90's (they were both missionaries at the same time but didn't meet until later at BYU).

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