Monday, September 26, 2011

The End of the Cookbook Saga

This cookbook project has been a blast!  I have loved it--every minute of it.

I'm now done addressing envelopes--all but two that I don't have addresses for, but I'm hoping to have those very soon.

I had hoped to have them sent out today.  I have a very full bin of manilla envelopes that I plan to drag to the local grocery store that has a post office in it.  The thing that's held me back from sending today was that I didn't have return address labels, and the Warden made me promise that I wouldn't hand write each of those.  I told him I wouldn't.

Each year, our insurance agent sends us return address labels, and today, I looked them over.  They had gingerbread men, snowmen and Christmas trees on them.  Sorry folks, but nope, not happening.

I will have normal labels tonight, and they'll be in the mail tomorrow.  And...the joy of licking and sticking will belong to my children.  That's a joy I'm not keeping all to myself.  I'm excited to see a bunch of completely ready envelopes in the bin.  YAY!!!

The trickier part will be getting all of the books delivered around here.  I've had some people just drop by today, which I love.  We'll be taking them (the books, not the people that drop by) with us everywhere we go for awhile, I think.  I also get to take a drive down to Monmouth within the next week or so, which I'm really looking forward to.

I'm just so happy that everything has worked out so beautifully.

At this point, I think I have 15 books left.  If you're interested in purchasing one, let me know...soon.  Thanks!


Janiece said...

How exciting...and so that you know...I would have been just fine with a snowman or what ever return address silly girl!
I have fallen in love with the postal services on line site... type the info and print the label and leave it for the mail man to pick it up.

It still amazes me that the cookbooks are done and already to be sent...
didn't you just ask us if we would be interested in one...I thought it was a day or two ago...
what a summer hu!

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