Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Start

Last night, I tried to revamp this blog.  I was attempting to place a different header up top, but I received a message that said I had no more room for photos.  WHAT?!  I had never heard of this before.

Well...the photos that you find on this blog are linked from Picasa web albums, and I guess I have too many.  In order to keep going on blogger, I have to eliminate some of those photos which will then, in turn, remove them from my blog posts.  I'm not sure that I'm willing to do that yet.

I tried to create a new blog, but duh!  It still links to the same account and therefore draws from the same Picasa account.  That just wasn't going to work.

So, for now, I am working on creating a WordPress account.  So far I don't love it.  You can't do all the cute things you can with Blogger, so I'm trying to work through all the ins and outs of that.  It will definitely be a learning process, and it's also certain to take quite a bit of time that I don't really have right now with school going on.  I hope you'll be patient with me.

Here is the address to the new blog: http://hessesmadhouse.wordpress.com/.  If you have any advice or comments for me, I'd love to hear them.  Thanks for being patient in this.


Julia Shinkle said...

Julie, stay with blogger just establish a new e-mail and blogger will think you are a new person. I started a blog for my Mom under a new e-mail. But then you have sign in under that e-mail but you can stay with blogger that way. Good Luck!

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