Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm So......


As we gathered for family scriptures this morning, Q did something she thought was really great and followed it up by exclaiming, "I'm so amazing!" Now, you might think this is a teenage girl being narcissistic, but to me, this was wonderful to hear.

As a child, I had a terrible tendency to put myself down. It became almost second nature. Someday I might explain why, but for now, just know that it was an awful habit. I did it well into my twenties. When I met my husband, for some reason, it decreased to almost nothing, and I started feeling good about myself.

I have often thought about what a waste that was. I learned that putting oneself down isn't's pride. In denying what is good in ourselves, we deny God the good we could do with the gifts He's given us. Humility is to accept what we can do, and using it for good while we try to build it and improve on it.

I find, as a mother, that one thing I want for my children, is that they be nothing like me, or at least the bad part of me, so when Q said this this morning, I quickly grabbed onto it. I realized that I rarely, if ever, say, "I'm so amazing." I usually do the opposite. I've been pondering on this this morning, and I'm realizing that I AM so amazing.

I can:
  • Taxi around seven children everyday.
  • Walk my two boys to school daily.
  • Calm my baby's cries.
  • Make my house smell amazing with good food--everybody who walked in the door yesterday exclaimed how wonderful it smelled (crockpot applesauce).
  • Take college classes and regulate my own time in doing so.
  • Take the time to read to my children.
  • Help my kids with their homework.
  • Meet the needs of kids when they're sick--even cleaning up the grossest things.
  • Keep my household happy and laughing.
  • Do better at something everyday.

Yes, there are things I'm not very good at, but I'm not even going to mention them here. For some reason to me, even talking about them justifies their existence, and I refuse to do that because someday, I'm going to be amazing at those things too.


Unknown said...

I agree and have to add to the description: You are totally amazing!

Alyson said...

You are so amazing. You teach me stuff all the time. :)

Tonya said...

Julie, you are amazing! I like how you described what humility is. I hadn't quite thought of it that way before. See, amazing I tell ya.

Unknown said...

I agree- you are amazing. "In denying what is good in ourselves, we deny God the good we could do with the gifts He's given us. - Julie Hess" is my new favorite quote. :o)

Devri said...

You are amazing ...ditto to all.. hugs to you

Merrianne said...

yes.... i agree... You ARE amazing!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Brilliant. What a great post to remind us with.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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