Friday, July 17, 2009

Need to Vent

So, what do I do? While I was in labor, the doctor encouraged me to go in and get a work up done on my heart. I called today to make that appointment. They told me that if my symptoms return then I should call them. They are going to do nothing. So, basically, if my heart starts to go berzerk, I should call and make an appointment. Does this seem strange to anyone else? Hmm. If that happens, I can promise you I'm not going to wait on hold with Kaiser. That will be called an Emergency Room visit.

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Developments

Yesterday as we sat at dinner, Z was holding L. He mentioned how she was looking him in the eyes. He felt there was a connection--that she was really seeing him.

The day before that, Q came around a corner and was calling L. L turned her head to look for her. Her head stopped when she found Q.

Also yesterday, we put L in her bouncy seat. She reached her hand out a number of times and caught hold of one of the rings that was hanging down in front of her.

It's exciting to see L doing all of these things already.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

LOVE It!!!

Playing Hooky - An Internal Battle

I found substitutes for my nursery duties for the next six weeks. I have taken about six weeks recovery time off from church with the last three children. This was a suggestion of a good friend, so I took it. These children were born in the fall and winter, though, when illnesses are everywhere.

I took G to church the Sunday after he was born (in early October). He was ill by three weeks of age; after this, I wished I had taken into consideration more his need to have an established immune system before taking him out. This illness, by the way, was the start of the asthma we dealt with until he was about ten. Would this have eventually been a problem for him even if I had kept him home more during that time? I'm sure I'll never know that, but boy, was I foolish.

With a baby born in the summer, is this still a valid reason for not going out? I have been out and taken her with me at this point, but they have been places where I have been able to control who she comes in contact with. Should it be an all or nothing decision?

Here's the problem--I'm feeling really good, and I hate missing church. I miss the benefits of taking the sacrament. I miss being around good people who influence me to want to do good, but I also know the repercussions of pushing it too hard too fast after having a baby. I have felt good after each child and pushed it to the limit one too many times. I know the signs of having done so, and I know that it just makes recovery that much longer.

So, for now, I'm laying low. Six weeeks just seems like such a long time. Should I even be second-guessing this decision?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just What We Needed

L is sleeping in her carseat right now waiting for her mother to get her act together. We've got to get over to the lab at Kaiser for another (her third) blood test for jaundice. The numbers have gone down over time, so the hope is that this'll be her last. Only sunbathed her once yesterday, so I hope I'm not kicking myself for not being more diligent. If the numbers are high, they'll get us a bili-blanket, and we'll have some fun "glow worm" photos of her.

The family has gone to Monmouth for the parade. A tradition which I love and am so sad to miss.

G's been gone all week, and he is supposed to return sometime this afternoon, so for that reason, I'm glad to be home.

L looks different this morning. Her head has grown. She looks bigger. So far, I think I've taken her photo everyday, so I'll post more soon. This is L four days old. Don'cha just love her double chin. We've decided she looks most like Q did as a baby. If she continues to look like her, it'll be fun to see the difference in personality between oldest and youngest as time goes on.

The boys have asked to hold L so much these first few days. As my nine-year-old held her yesterday and nuzzled her, I got to thinking that this is just what every rambunctous nine-year-old boy needs--a baby sister to mellow him out. It was so sweet to watch him be so gentle with her. Last night, A asked to hold her. At the time, she was asleep on my chest. I just transferred her over to him and she slept on his. He was so proud. All of a sudden, it struck me what a blessing this all is. I never, in a million years, would have ever pictured my boys with a little sister. Now, it's as though she's been ours forever. Why couldnt' I see it?

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