Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Took Q in for her sports physical yesterday.  This is the second time the topic of the HPV immunization has come up.  Had a very interesting conversation with our Catholic pediatrician, and I learned something about my own beliefs about people that I'd never really contrasted with anyone else's before.

We talked about where the HPV virus comes from.  It became quite clear our differing stances on pre-marital sex.  I know I am definitely in the minority on this issue.  She sides with the majority.

The topic of good vs. evil came up.  I made a comment using the word "wicked" in it.  She grabbed onto that and I noticed that she said something later referring to "wicked" people.  This opened a conversation about how I don't think people are wicked.  I think we're all born good, but it's our raising and our choices that make us into who we are.  I also shared with her that I believe that anyone can change.  We're not wicked, it's what we choose that is wicked.  Repentance is always possible.

So, I'm very torn on the whole HPV thing.  Anybody have any opinions about this one?  I have left this in Q's hands.  It's her choice, and the doctor tried to persuade her in every way she knew how, but Q didn't take the bait.


Jenn said...

I wish they had the HPV vaccine when i was a teenager. Many years and 2 kids later I found out that I had cervical cancer from HPV. On the upside I beat it, but not everyone is that lucky. My pre teen is currently getting her vaccine. I had the discussion with her about in no way does this mean its ok to have sex and it wont save her from all the other bad things out there but I dont want her to get sick and have to deal with that. I wont be able to protect her forever but hey I'm gonna try LOL:)

meganconser said...

There are two issues here: a vaccination issue, and the issue of pre-marital sex. These two issues can blend very easily into one(if our kids are abstinate, there is no need for the vaccination or the flip side, if we vaccinate are they more comfortable with flirting with pre-martial sex).

I could not deny my child the protection against a virus that could cause them cancer, pain or death. Cancer has destroyed too many lives. To me, this vaccine is seen as a total break-through and hopefully the wise scientists will be guided by the Lord to come up with more and more. At this point the only way to fight cancer is to prevent it. I dream about the day when Cancer will be a memory of the past and hope I am on the earth to see it. About the pre-marital sex issue, I think this is a great opprotunity to talk about the consequences of choices. I want to teach my kids that with the choice of pre-marital sex they are signing up for not only potential physical pain and problems, but emotional and spiritual as well.

Its a delicate balance Julie- I think you are doing what is right for your girl and your family. ANd I am proud of you for standing up for your right and not let your doctor bully you into it(I know your doctor and bully isn't a term she would use, but I can imagine the conversation).

Tonya said...

I'm really torn about this as well. I am taking Rylie in for a well check in a couple of weeks. I know she is due for 4 immunizations and the doctor has already informed me that if we want to we can get the HPV vaccine. My gut says no. I need to research it some more. Maybe we should compare notes.

Queen Bee said...

I don't have any girls, but I hear they are recommending this vaccine for boys as well now so I've been paying attention since it came out a few years ago. Since you asked for opinions I feel okay saying that I don't think this vaccine is okay AT ALL. It has come up several times in my frequent reading on health and safety. I have absolutely no trust in the product nor the producers (Merck) and believe there are many more healthier and less risky ways to try to prevent cancer.
This vaccine was "fast tracked" on the FDA approval process and has been taken off the market in India because of numerous reactions and complications, some even fatal. In America there have been the same number of deaths reported from the vaccine as the Toyota Break issue which prompted a 2 Billion dollar recall.
I hope not to sound alarmist but I really believe this vaccine is not in anyone's best interest. These two articles were particularly helpful when I was reading about it.



Really though, it comes down to a matter of prayer and pondering. But since you already know that I'd be preaching to the choir! :)

PS. It was good to see you in April. Maybe someday we'll actually move back to the NW and get to see you more often!

vaxhacker said...

I don't know... on the one hand it's an immunization issue. Is there a compelling reason not to be immunized from a potentially lethal disease, regardless of how it's usually contracted? (What are the side-effects and risks of the immunization, etc.?) How does that weigh in the picture?
If that's not a full stop for some reason, there's the sobering reality that not everyone who experiences pre-marital sex does so of their own free will and choice, or chooses poorly at the wrong moment but once made, it's made, and where in the consequences from a bad decision or being a victim of someone else's wrong choice, should it risk adding a terminal illness on top of it all?
I know the moral choices and messages sent are significant, and not to be cast aside. All the same I keep seeing the medical side of the equation first, and thinking it's wise to be protected while still teaching what the wise and correct course of one's life should be.

Alyson said...

Interesting that you bring this up, because just last year I refused this on behalf of my two teenage girls. Now, I'm fully intent on doing it.

Someone up above wrote "I could not deny my child the protection against a virus that could cause them cancer, pain or death." This is a wonderful point. My original stance was based on, "Well, if they do what I tell 'em, they won't need it!" Then just a few months later, I started thinking about all the ways they might contract HPV even if they were perfectly chaste, perfectly obedient. I won't list it all here, but the more I opened my mind, the more I realized that chastity is not an impenetrable shield against this.

So I intend to do it for them.

Alyson said...

I'll also say that I'm a famous non-vaccinator. My kids didn't get immunizations of any sort until they were after three. I have spent *so* much time researching vaccine safety, cries of "THIS VACCINE ISN'T SAFE!!" just sound so laughable now.

Rachel said...

I know I am a little late to the game-- I have chosen not to vaccinate my girls. I am not anti vaccinations-- but I am not comfortable with this one. I know there are stories about all of them, but I think this one is still too new and I really don't trust it-- besides the whole morality issue.

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