Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bringing Things Back Into Control

Just wanted to share a little conversation I had with B this morning.  I think it may have been inspired, and I might be onto something.  I'm reading Alma 42 this morning, and it fits right in with what happened between B, A and me before they left for school.

Here's what happened...
B, while the boys were trying to get out the door, did something mean to A.  Not an unusual occurence in our home (it actually happens a lot more frequently than I'd like to admit--it makes me crazy!)....A came to me to tell me what B did. 

I called B to me, and instead of the usual lecture, asked him some questions.  First, I said, "B, did it make your heart feel all good and happy inside for doing that to your brother?" 

Response, head bowed, "No." 

Me, "Then why did you do it?  I'm sure you know from past experience that it's not going to make you feel good.  Do you like that feeling?" 

Response, "No." 

So, I guess it did get a little lecture-y, but I followed up with, "B, that feeling is Heavenly Father's way of teaching you that your spirit is now dirty.  It's His way of reminding you that He wants you to come home to him someday, and as long as you have that on your spirit, you can't come back.  So, how are you going to get rid of that?  What can you do?  You need to train yourself to be sensitive to those feelings and do whatever you can to get rid of those bad feelings quickly." 

B then, very sincerely, apologized to A, but still looked sheepish.  I said, "Maybe that wasn't enough....Looks like you're still feeling it a bit."  B walked over to A, put his arms around him and hugged him for a good while.

It was a sweet moment between these brothers.  It made me happy to be their mom.  Yay for little whisperings.  Tender mercy.


Julia Shinkle said...

: ) I might have teared up a bit too.

vaxhacker said...

That was awesome :)

Tonya said...

Good job following the spirit, Julie!

I know I always feel like a better and more happy and productive Mom when I am in tune with the whisperings of the spirit.

You're a true stud woman :)

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