Friday, October 8, 2010

Pondering on Names

Well, I think I've decided that since this is the "Madhouse," and since Z frequently answers the phone at our house, "Hesses Madhouse" (did you know that is where the blog's name came from?), I might need to stick with that kind of theme for our names.

When Z answers the phone like that (it's either that or more often "Chico's Bar and Grill"), if the person calling asks for me, he then responds with, "Yes, the Chief Inmate is here.  Just a moment...."  With the Bar and Grill scenario, he'll say, "Hey WO-man stop cookin' them thar burritos and talk to this woman (or man if such is the case)."  Too many people have really thought I was making dinner at that point and apologized for interrupting my work.  HaHa!  Even at 9am or 9pm.  What can I say?  I'm a busy burrito baking momma.

So, I think Z will be known as "the warden" from here on out.  Might just have to go with inmate #1 down to #7, and of course, I don't refer to myself in third person, but you never know with the way my sanity is sinking--that day may come; in such a case, I will be the chief inmate.


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