Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just What We Needed

L is sleeping in her carseat right now waiting for her mother to get her act together. We've got to get over to the lab at Kaiser for another (her third) blood test for jaundice. The numbers have gone down over time, so the hope is that this'll be her last. Only sunbathed her once yesterday, so I hope I'm not kicking myself for not being more diligent. If the numbers are high, they'll get us a bili-blanket, and we'll have some fun "glow worm" photos of her.

The family has gone to Monmouth for the parade. A tradition which I love and am so sad to miss.

G's been gone all week, and he is supposed to return sometime this afternoon, so for that reason, I'm glad to be home.

L looks different this morning. Her head has grown. She looks bigger. So far, I think I've taken her photo everyday, so I'll post more soon. This is L four days old. Don'cha just love her double chin. We've decided she looks most like Q did as a baby. If she continues to look like her, it'll be fun to see the difference in personality between oldest and youngest as time goes on.

The boys have asked to hold L so much these first few days. As my nine-year-old held her yesterday and nuzzled her, I got to thinking that this is just what every rambunctous nine-year-old boy needs--a baby sister to mellow him out. It was so sweet to watch him be so gentle with her. Last night, A asked to hold her. At the time, she was asleep on my chest. I just transferred her over to him and she slept on his. He was so proud. All of a sudden, it struck me what a blessing this all is. I never, in a million years, would have ever pictured my boys with a little sister. Now, it's as though she's been ours forever. Why couldnt' I see it?


Jana said...

She is so beautiful. Yes I also love her double chin. I remember bring my youngest boy home and watching all my other kids just cuddle and love him. Have a fabulous 4th of July at home relaxing with L.

Rachel said...

She certainly is sweet! I am so glad that she has found her place with her brothers already. :-)

Grace said...

she sure is a cutie's fun how your older kids want to help out...i found that to be the case when our kids were old enough to do things as well...i hope you had a nice 4th and i hope L gets her jaundice over with :)

P4 said...

I have watched many of my crazy 4th grade boys who are never sweet to anyone, just melt over their little sisters. I love it! It is one of the reasons I think everyone should get to have an older brother. I would like to think my brothers did the same with me. Congratulations and I am glad everything is going well.

Alyson said...

She's so beautiful!! I wish I could take a turn holding her, but I wouldn't want any of her brothers to miss out on their chance.

And I know what you're saying. There are those moments early in a baby's life where I think, "Now we're complete! I didn't even know how much we were missing without you, but now I know."

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