Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Favorites

I'm LOVING my Blackberry right now!

I had a really ancient one.  I always seem to settle for just whatever when it comes to spending lots of money.  I'll almost always go older or second rate to save a few bucks.  It's just part of who I am. 

While with family during the Christmas vacation, my brother in law offered me his old Blackberry, which was a LOT newer than the dinosaur I was using.

The thing I love about this contraption is that my checklist of thing s to do is incorporated right in with my calendar.  I don't miss a thing.  I have these things that repeat daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and items that I write in just for that day.  I can put a priority on them and write a specific list of tasks that need to be done for that item and then just mark it completed when I'm done.  If it's a repeater, it'll go straight to the next time it needs to be done.

I'm fairly convinced that I"m one of the most distractable people out there.  It takes nothing for me to get off onto a million and a half jobs at the same time and not get one thing finished.  Now, I just concentrate on the next task on the list, and it's all good.

I have tried so many different ways to organize myself and get myself to be more productive, but after nearly three months of this, I'm doing so much better.


Chris and Hay said...

I love mine too! A word of caution though... I had mine on my lap and it slipped off and the screen cracked in two places! So be careful with yours so it doesn't end up looking like mine ;) and yes, you've convinced me that OR is the place to be!

Tonya said...

I have been thinking it's about time for me to get a new phone too. Mine is the grandma of dinosaur cell phones! I wouldn't even have a clue on how to use all the technology on a new one.

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