Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old Photos

I've been scanning photos onto facebook.  My brother did so a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd add some so he could see them too.  My mom, when she made our albums, gave the photo to the youngest child in the picture.  I, being fifth of six, got a good number of them that my older siblings have never seen.  Here are a couple for your enjoyment.

Me and my four older siblings.  My younger brother wasn't born yet.
Me and my sweet Momma
Me and my dad
My three older brothers and some of the neighborhood kids.  That's me in the front.
Me at about six months.


D.J. said...

You are just as cute now as you were then! Miss everyone @ home!
<3 DJ!!!

Alyson said...

The amazing thing is how much you look like you in those pictures! So many people, you can't even tell it's them in a baby picture. But those are you.

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