Saturday, January 3, 2009

So Many Things to Blog About

I'm down to about six things on my to do list. The six things I'm dreading doing the most. They wouldn't be so hard if I'd just do them. Oh, how many times have I said that to my children when facing things they don't want to do? I've even accomplished a couple projects that I didn't have deadlines for until July. That's how much I don't want to do these other things. So, how do you do it? How do you get yourself doing things you dread? I could really use some ideas.

So, to avoid for a few more minutes, I thought I'd blog a little. There are two things recently that I've wanted to write about because they're new to me and, I think, pretty amazing.

One of the realities I faced when I was first pregnant was that I had parted with all of my maternity clothes. In the past, when Z said we were done having kids (I think he's said this every time so far), and I knew we weren't (people told me they just "knew" when they were done, and I didn't get any such feeling), I smuggled a couple bags up on the top shelf in the garage. My friend Rory was kind enough to lend me hers and even bring them to me. Thank you, Rory! It's nice to have them.

The first thing I wanted to write about is a something I bought.

A woman, on a message board I was reading about maternity clothes, wrote about Bella Bands and how she got her regular jeans to last nearly her entire pregnancy because of them. I got on Ebay and found a great deal on some and bought them. This was mid-November. They arrived about three days later. I LOVE them! Not sure when these came to be, but I'm thrilled to get to wear the clothes I worked so hard to fit into better a little longer. For anyone who is currently pregnant, or plans to be in the future, I highly recommend these. If you want my Ebay connection, just let me know.

The second thing is that I had no idea that they now do a first trimester screening for Downs Syndrome (the baby in the photo isn't mine). In the past, it had always been the Alpha Fetal Protein blood test run at 16 weeks. When I read the statistic that said there's a 1/75 chance for a woman over 40 to have a Downs Syndrome baby, I felt that I'd want to prepare myself in any way possible to raise a child these characteristics, so I opted for the test. My mom had two children after she turned 40, and as far as I dare to estimate, we're pretty normal. Some days that might be pushing it, but for today, "normal" is a safe word.

I went in on Tuesday morning. They did an ultrasound--what a cute little face I saw. The kids say that the photos look like an insect or an alien. I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

Anyway, in the ultrasound they look at the fluid that lies between the skin and another layer of skin. Such a tiny area. It's amazing! It's normal to have some fluid but too much is a sign of possible Downs, so they do a blood test as well. If the level is over 1 ml., they become concerned. I had the blood test run immediately following. I will get the results early this coming week.

I appreciate smart people, and I love when they share their brilliance with the world. From clothing problems to health issues--I'm grateful for creative people.


The Garver Family said...

I'm so excited for you Julie - about having another baby...not that you are dreading things to do on your list. I know that getting things done that are less appealing seems daunting, discouraging even, but give yourself time. Break down your tasks in their simpliest forms and pat yourself on the back when you accomplish those little things, once they get you to the bigger picture and you're able to check something off your list, treat yourself. If there is anyone able to do what seems impossible, it's you. :)

Unknown said...

Will you please hook me up with your ebay contact for the bella bands? They look adorable!

Anonymous said...

I'd really like your ebay connection to the bands, too! How do they work? I guess I could research a bit on my own, for that matter. Thanks for the Down's councel. I will be 39 1/2, so I guess I am in the same category. :o) Oh, the blessings!

Tonya said...

Belly bands, huh? Those even look cute! I am glad you get to enjoy your skinny clothes just a little longer! And yes, I would say you are pretty normal...well almost:0)

Darilyn said...

I have another friend who used the Bella bands all the way through her pregnancy and loved them.

Crazymamaof6 said...

i had no idea you were prego! congrats!
that is so exciting!

yeah i had that ultrasound last time. but hadn't before. so it's 2 years old at least. WHOOHOO!

so excited for you.
crazy stuff.

Emily Alder said...

Congratulations! I just read your blog a little bit ago and saw that you were expecting and then had to read a few posts back because I had clearly missed something.

And I'm going to miss having Aeden in my primary class this year. He was really good at getting other kids to pay attention to the lesson (when he wanted them to).

Patrick and Paige said...

Congratulations. I already kinda knew you were pregnant, or I was suspecting cause Heather Randall asked me about 5 weeks ago if you were. I told her I had no idea. I have been reading your blogs and waiting for ANYTHING!!! I am so happy for you. that is so exciting. If you need anything, let me know.

Rachel said...

Ok, so I have been out of the loop for a couple of weeks. I was at my mom's and the internet there stinks! Anyway,I am glad that you finally spilled the beans~! (even though I had a pretty good idea what all the not talking about it was about... I don't think that made any sense) I am excited for you!If there was ever anyone who had the patience and love for 7 kids-- it is you!~ You are my hero and when I grow up (I better get on that!) I want to be just like you! (Just not with 7 kids=)

Jen {} said...

What a beautiful ultrasound pic! Congrats on your pregnancy. I bet you are scared, too, being 40 and pregnant with the down syndrom possibility. But all will be well! And they have thee cutest maternity clothes now--you'll look AWESOME!

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