Friday, January 2, 2009

What's on Your List Today?

I finally sat down yesterday to face reality. I have LOVED every minute of having the hubby and kids around for THREE weeks--yeah snow!!! The extended Christmas break was a real great Christmas gift, and I'm dreading everyone going back to school on Monday morning.

I sat down yesterday and attempted to organize my life a little bit and was shocked at just how many things I have been avoiding or forgetting completely. As I'm writing this, I'm remember more. Ugh! I'm trying very hard to not overwhelm myself, so after listing all the things that came to my mind--they extend all the way to July--I put due dates to them and prioritized them.

Yesterday I worked on A1 on the list and got finished up to B4. I rewrote and reprioritized the list for today. Here it is:

  • A1 Read chapter 2 (for my current class)
  • A2 Tutor A (also for my current class)
  • A3 Laundromat
  • A4 Grocery shopping (not looking forward to it today. Can't find my Food Day)
  • A5 Go through boxes from my closet (stuff kids left laying around--Going to D.I.)
  • A6 Take tree down
  • B1 Wrap A's birthday presents
  • B2 Make cupcakes
  • B3 Check prices on Franklin planners
  • B4 Finish garage
  • B5 Take stuff to D.I. truck
  • B6 Send package to Rhonda
  • C1 Finish lesson 1
  • C2 Plan Blue and Gold
  • C3 Finalize 2009 teaching plan
  • D1 Create routine for 2009
  • D2 Call re. VTing
  • E1 Clean carpets
  • F1 Create updated school plan
  • F2 Plan family reunion
  • F3 Organize files
  • G1 New car
  • G2 Figure out what's needed for baby
  • G3 Continue to work on blanket (I've started one. It's blue.)

There, that's my list. The A,B,Cs signify each task's due date.

Yesterday, I created the list at about 5pm. Between 5 and 11pm, I finished washing all the laundry, tutored A and complete 9 lessons (I only have 10 left and a final for this class), recycled my coupons that expired 12/31/08, created a grocery list and found accompanying coupons, read with B, and created a new family scripture reading plan for 2009. All-in-all, a fairly productive evening to make up for my slothfulness. We'll see how much I get done today. Got to make up for all the "sick time" I've taken.


Alyson said...

I'd definitely have to wait for the second trimester to start being productive again. That first trimester just wipes me out tired-wise.

I am here to cheer you on. You are awesome! Planning is half the battle, at least. I look forward to watching your list dwindle. :)

Darilyn said...

Well if you got through B4 in one day that is a pretty darn productive day. Way to go.

Unknown said...

I am such a list person- I like the way you formatted this. I might steal it and let you know how it goes...

vaxhacker said...

I'm amazed and in awe at what you can manage to get accomplished with everything on your plate. Just... wow.

I, too, have enjoyed having 3 weeks off to just be with my family (which is the nice part of not taking most of my vacation during the year), although I'm not quite up to braving the Great To-Do List yet. I'm sure it's going to be pretty daunting, although I can already feel myself mentally going over it already anyway.
(You know, I bet a fair number of my own blog posts start by reading something from yours and having it remind me of something I need to write about as well...not always related in any obvious way... but now I'm thinking more and more about what I need to start doing in the next few months, so this is probably going to be another of those.)

At the moment, though, the top of my list is to make sure I still manage to do all the things I promised our kids I'd do with them during vacation. We got most of them already, and tomorrow we'll be doing our all-day LoTR movie marathon so I've got the giant projection screen and speakers setup for them (anything worth doing is worth overdoing, I always say) and just focusing on enjoying time with the kids before Monday arrives and we go back to our to-do lists and schedules.

At the moment, that's my full agenda. Next week, things will be different.

Anonymous said...

Julie--congrats on your news of another Hess baby! I hope you are feeling well. Good luck wiht that crazy list of yours--I can't function during pregnancy until after 17-19 weeks and then I'm no good to anyone that last month. Let me know if I can ever do anything for ya.

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