Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beyond Frustration

I would like to go on record to publicly announce that I am not nor will I ever be super woman.

I am TIRED of chasing this two-year-old. How will I ever do it when I have a small infant to care for? I am seriously doubting my abilities.

For those of you who have perfect children, I don't admire you. You have it easy. You won't understand a thing of what I'm saying, so if you have perfect children, please don't reply to this post.

It's just a frustrating morning, and I can't keep up.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Lucky for me my kids are not perfect--fun, cute, adorable, but definitely not perfect. I feel your frustration. Being pregnant with Bret, and having 2 toddlers to chase I know how exhausting it can be. You can do it, you will get through it because you are amazing! I'll give you a call and Teagan can come over and play one morninf witht he boys--let him run out some of his crazy boyishness at my house.

Shauna said...

I totally hear you Woman! I am here with lots of l♥ve and a big warm hug for you! (((HUGS)))

Ben and Heidi said...

Hey, I feel the exact same way. I don't know if it's a boy thing or just a Creed thing, but he is one handful. Just pray that you have a great baby like my baby Cadence! She is the easiest baby yet! Good luck! You are an awesome mom! I wish I were there to spare you once in awhile!

Crazymamaof6 said...

i'm so there with you. come see what my kids were up to this morning. you need a laugh.
and you know i'm not superwoman either. and my kids are devils. good luck! you need a treat and a break.

Alyson said...

Hey bebeh. I so know what you're saying, except in your position I was whining, "I've already screwed up six children, does God really want me to screw up a seventh?" I can assure you that by the time you have a baby to hold, you'll almost assuredly have your energy back and it will be easier, not more difficult, to chase your toddler.

But oh, I still feel for you!

vaxhacker said...

I know that feeling, and I **know** my wife knows exactly what you're talking about. We have wonderful, awesome, smart, great children who we love more than our very lives. But perfect they are not. And as we've been told by more than one ADHD care professional, one ADHD child is the equivalent of 2-3 other kids in terms of parenting time and effort required to keep up with them.

The dangerous thing is if you somehow start feeling that you're the only one who finds this difficult and everyone else's families are all well-behaved and drama free, the kids go to bed on their own at 7:00 and the parents spend their evening reading Charles Dickens novels by the fire.

That only happens on Donna Reed or The Brady Bunch. Believe me, you've probably got the empathy of every parent of small children you know.

We're in this together... keep venting, and lean on all of us for breaks when you need them, or help when you need anything.

The Garver Family said...

I so wish that I didn't have to respond to this post because my children were perfect...see my blog about the fire starters today.

Let me give you a tip I do with works like a charm. When she's especially busy and rowdy..and I can't take it anymore...I ask her to kneel with me and pray. She just turned three, but she understands prayers and she prays herself...quite often it even calms her down for the remainder of the day or at least until I can catch my breath again or clean up the mess or calm down myself.

Unknown said...

He won't be two forever. Thank goodness-right? When he gets to his next rough patch you won't be pregnant and will likely have life with the new baby under control.

But still there are days... boy are there days... all I can say is thank goodness for the TV(Not good I know-- TV is why I will never be super mom).

You are a wonderful mother- hang in there. I would offer to take T for a few hours, but am not quite up to it yet.

Love you, Megan

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