Saturday, March 28, 2009

Coughing and Coughing

Sore throat's gone, but a cough remains. Not one of those nice, polite coughs, but the barky, obnoxious kind. My insides feel like they're going to tear out, so I hold my belly as I start hacking. It's a lovely sight.

I just read yesterday that Lachlan's now at a point where she can hear and react to outside sounds. She's been very active lately. Well, no wonder! I'm freaking her out with my barking. Poor thing!


Unknown said...

When I had my cough while pregnant, I would hold my belly and cross my legs! An extra prayer your cough will dissapear!

Alyson said...

LOL @ Megan crossing her legs. Ah, it's a story I know too well.

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