Saturday, August 29, 2009


As of yesterday, L is two months old. I'm amazed at all that she's able to do at such a young age. She smiles almost constantly and tries to "talk" to us with her funny little gurgles and coos between smiles. Sometimes it even sounds like she's saying, "Hi." She's so fun just to sit and look at.

Today I bought her some little colorful plastic links at Target. I put them together and hung them from the handle of her carseat. I walked away for a few minutes and when I came back, she was holding them in her hand.

The "bag of flour" stage is going by so quickly. I can't believe how fast they grow and develop.

When I took her in for her check up yesterday, she was eleven pounds and twenty-two inches long. Just like our other girls, thin and long.

I took A in for a check up too. The doctor asked him if she was a good baby. He said no. She said, "Oh, does she cry a lot." He said, "No. She's a great baby." So glad to hear he loves her so much.

After the appointment, the doctor gave him the traditional sticker for being a good patient. He thanked her and asked where L's sticker was. Sometimes my kids ask for stickers for other siblings knowing that they'll eventually get the sticker, so I was interested to see what he was up to. The doctor asked him what kind of sticker he thought L would want. He said, "A princess." I thought for sure he'd choose the girl car from "Cars" (the movie), but he wouldn't hear of it. It had to be a princess. He said it was because she was a princess; not a term I love for little girls because it makes me think of someone who rules the roost and is spoiled rotten, but he doesn't think of it in that context. Like I said before, I'm so glad he loves her so much. We all do.


Alyson said...

She is so cute. Isn't it amazing? It's been two months! And I bet you can hardly remember, already, after two short months, when she was internal, or when she wasn't. She was always meant to be a part of the Madhouse, eh? :) *hugs you all*

Ben and Heidi said...

She is such a cute baby! So much fun! I love her big eyes! It's always great to read your updates. I wish I were better!

meganconser said...

I love that she is not a good baby, but a great baby. I love this relationship older siblings have with thier babies. Thanks for sharing!

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