Monday, July 19, 2010

I Don't Own a Discover Card

I received a letter on Saturday saying that my credit card had been denied and thus my account was locked with the local park and recreation district. Hmm. Curious. I hadn't purchased anything through them in more than a month since T took swimming lessons.

This morning, I had a phone conversation with the park and rec accounts person. She shared with me that it was a Discover card that was charged for four of my children--Q, G, T and L, who had all gone swimming at an outdoor pool this past Wednesday. Funny! G was gone all this past week and Q doesn't drive yet, so how would they have gotten there? Not only that, but I don't even own a Discover card.

I called Discover to verify. It's true. I don't own one.

After talking to Discover, I called back to the accounts department at the park and rec and found the woman eating crow. She was so apologetic. It seems that what must have happened is that another family with the last name of Hess came in and the person at the pool just randomly chose four names. URGH!!!

Wow! Scary to think how easily that can happen.


vaxhacker said...

Ugh is right. I'm glad it was a simple error and not someone trying to steal your identity or credit. Scary close call!

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