Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not So Sweet

A friend of mine started two summer challenges.  One is a Biggest Loser kind of challenge.  The other is called the "Sugar Pot."  Yesterday was the first day.

I have about ten pounds left to lose to be back to my Weight Watchers goal weight that I was before L was born.  It's amazing.  The first time I lost weight, before I got pregnant, I was obsessed and lost it within six months.  Here L is, a year old, and I'm still trying to lose it.  I've lost my momentum, so I'm hopeful that Becky's challenge will help me get it off.  Yesterday, I paid attention to my points, but I didn't fully track them.  One of the links Becky shared was "My Net Diary."  I started using it yesterday.  I'm not sure if I'm understanding it all with all my Weight Watchers background, I'm used to paying attention to different aspects of food, but nonetheless, I'm hopeful it will help me keep track of it all, which I figure is half the battle.

The bigger of the two for me, is the sugar pot.  I've heard from all kinds of people that have lost a lot of weight just by taking themselves off of sugar.  Sugar is one of my favorite things.  I could eat it morning, noon and night.  I'm doubting myself with this one, but yesterday was a completely sugar-free day for me.  I DID IT! 

I've been warned of the "crash" that will eventually take place as the sugar is gone from my system, and to be honest, I'm not sure if I'm fully ready for that.  Considering the addict I've been, it just might be a doozy.  We'll see how this goes.  For now, I'm looking forward to Saturday--my sugar day.  For six days, I have to go without sweets, but Saturday is the one day I will be able to eat whatever I like.  I think this is brilliant!  The idea that I can train my brain to think, "I can have that, but not today," is genius.  I'm sure by Saturday I won't want it, but it's still a good tactic, in my opinion, and I'm gonna go for it.

Everything will end on August 31st.  I have a family reunion to get through in the middle of all this.  There will be sugar available quite a few forms, I'm assuming.  I will feel like a party pooper not to partake, but by the time I get there, I'm hoping I won't want it anyway.

So, wish me luck.  I'm gonna need it.


Tonya said...

I am LOVING the sugar pot idea. Can I join you? I'm seriously starting to pack on weight in places I never have before and I HATE it!!!

Kimberly said...

Um...would you mind sharing more of this sugar pot idea? Cuz...I've been trying to do this on my own and it is NOT working!

haha, Thanks Julie!

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