Friday, August 26, 2011

Alone-ish Time

Last weekend the Warden disappeared with all but one of the kids.  He left me with #3 while they ran to a soccer jamboree.  Numbers 1 and 2 were off at a cross country retreat.

#3 and I got to work.  We cleaned and polished and shined.  The house looked and smelled so clean when they returned, but alas, it didn't last long.  It never does.  I have a hard time not getting discouraged about this, but I think I've finally just surrendered to the fact that it's part of this life I live, and I lean on the hope that someday it will get clean and stay clean.

I've been thinking a lot about the effects of order and cleanliness and how they make us feel.  Not only how they make me, as an adult, feel, but more particularly, how our environment effects our children.  When the house is in order, the kids just seem more capable of accomplishing things.  Mind you, the kids are frequently (if not usually) the reason for the disorder, but when all is conquered, life is good, and there is the hope of a fresh start.  If we can get rid of much of our clutter, things'll be easier to maintain, right?

Tonight there is a goalie training camp.  Two of our boys will attend (one against his will--why is this the case so often lately and only with one particular child).  The Warden has agreed to take all the kids but one. 

Here's what I'm figuring is going to happen....We're going to start in my bedroom and I'm going to start with the closet and just start getting rid of stuff.  I have too much stuff to keep a home orderly.  I need to part with a good bunch.  #1 will stand there with a bag and stuff things into it.  Simple, huh?

The big question....How far into the house can we get done?  I figure the rest of the fam'll be gone for a couple hours.  We can at least get the upstairs and maybe part of the kitchen done. 

Funny the things a mom gets excited about, huh?


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