Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shaken Again...Dang, I Need a Mental Health Day

Don't feel much like smiling tonight.

Got the results back from the blood test. Looks as though I have recently been exposed to the virus and that I do not have the antibodies in my system. It is requested that I go back in a week from Thursday for another blood test.

What does this mean? I don't know.

The doctor yesterday said it was worst in the first trimester, but the pediatrician said the second. The other thing the OB said was that it would be very unusual for this to cause miscarriage, but it could also cause growth complications later on.

So, please keep us in your prayers.


Patrick and Paige said...

OH Julie. I am so sorry. You are in our prayers. I hope hope hope all works out and that it doesn't affect Lachlan's growth. I know the lord is by your side. Hang in there. I am having a Banana Bread Making Girl's night tomorrow night if you would like to come. We would love to have you and I am sure we could help you forget your fears for a couple of hours at least. We are starting at 6 if you are interested.Let me know. Love you!

Tonya said...

Hey. I got your message to check your blog. I am so sorry for all these health scares. So, I thought Teagen didn't have Fifth's Disease. Was his diagnosis wrong then? I love you Julie and you are in my prayers.

Breezy said...

It's so unfair when you try to do everything you can to protect your child and something so unpredictible happens. I know everything will turn out okay but there will probably be a few more months of worry. We'll keep you in our prayers.

Alyson said...

I will certainly say a prayer; though (and I hate to sound so certain, because I know I couldn't be further out of the loop of who has control over all this) I can't imagine your little miracle girl isn't already cradled securely in His hands. Everything about this pregnancy says, "Meant to be."

Rachel said...

Heavenly Father obviously wants miss Lachlan to come to your family--I know He is watching out for all of you. I love you and will continue to pray for all of you! HUGS! I wish so badly that I could give that hug to you in person!

The Garver Family said...

Right now, despite the reason for worry, take joy in what you can feel. Eat a piece of candy when you're especially concerned and wait a few minutes until you feel her moving around, that always comforted me during my hard pregnancies.

Don't forget the power of the priesthood either.

God loves you and has your very best interests in mind constantly and continually. You are His. Lachlan is His. He will not forsake you now...let Him carry you and try to take comfort in knowing that.

vaxhacker said...

Your family in our prayers? Already there, my friend. I'm sorry you're going through such a stressful time, and I know it's no help to hear people tell you not to worry about something, even if that would theoretically be the best thing for you to do until you have more to go on.

At any rate, at least you know that you have a wonderful family and lots of friends who are there and offering support through whatever you end up facing from here on out (which, assuming the best, is... well... having a baby, which is stressful and difficult all by itself). If it turns out that there are some extra things you have to face, then you won't be doing it alone, for what that's worth.

And most of all you have a Father in Heaven who loves and cares for you and your baby, and while sometimes the circumstances and trials of this life are hard to endure or even to understand, we have the assurance that He is there to guide and comfort and in time all pain will be healed and all tears wiped away, and even when everything around you seems dark, there's a rod to hold onto and a light to look toward.

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