Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Two Favorite Baby Items

First, I need to start this post by declaring that I am WAYYYYY a Huggies mom over any other brand of diapers. My favorite are the "Pure and Natural." Usually, you can find them for $9.99 and then there's the $3 coupon you can get for them, which makes them about the same price as store brand. No, I'm not sharing that because diapers are one of my favorite things, EWWWW! Far from it.

I have two items that I'm LOVING right now. I inherited one of them from a good friend who was moving. I bought her bassinet, and she threw this in with it. I found one similar to it on the Target website. It props her headup just a little bit and the side pads are secured with velcro, so you can adjust them as needed. Not sure why I love it as much as I do. She just seems so comfy and secure as she sleeps.

My other favorite really surprises me that I love it as much as I do, but I think, of all the baby things I've ever owned, it is my all-time fave.

First, the funny story of it....When I was pregnant with T, I kept seeing women carrying their babies in wraps. I wondered, by the looks of them, how these women kept the baby from falling through the bottom, so my curiosity got the better of me. I started searching for one.

First stop...Target. I walked down the aisle that might carry carriers of different kinds, but no luck. As I left the aisle, a woman walked by with her baby boy securely snuggled in a wrap. I walked up to her and asked her where she got it. To be completely honest, the poor baby looked strangely contorted the way he was wrapped in the thing, but she told me that she'd made it and explained all the ways it could be used. She also said that she had n extra one at her house, and if I wanted it, she'd give it to me. Later that day, I met her and bought it from her. I have loved it ever since. She gave me websites where I could learn to wrap it.

I used it tons for T, and now with L, she gets in it and almost immediately falls asleep. One of the school crossing guards teases me that L is never awake. Sometimes I have to grab her out of her bed while she's sleeping because I have to walk the boys to school; she continues to sleep and doesn't wake until I get home and get her unwrapped.

It just cracked me up yesterday as I went up to the school to pick up the boys. One of the male teachers asked me how I kept the baby in the wrap. "Is there velcro or something?" It, honestly, is just one huge, long piece of somewhat stretchy fabric. That's all it is. The fabric is crossed between the baby's legs. The other amazing thing about it is that it is completely comfortable for me--no achy back. My Baby Bjorn still makes me feel like I have to have one hand on the baby, but this kind of wrap let's you carry the baby completely hands-free. She's so secure in there.

It amazes me what we're willing to spend money for--these puppies are expensive, if you ask me. Maybe someday I'll make and sell them.


Tonya said...

I had one of those wraps given to me when Sophia was a few months old. She hated it. I think it was because I didn't start her in it from day one so she felt restricted. So, I got rid of it...I wished I would have held onto it. Oh well.

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