Thursday, September 10, 2009


I read part of Mosiah 3 today. I only got through a few verses before it was time to get moving, but it was fascinating. I love using

I try very hard, when I read, to liken what I'm reading to myself.

This morning, I read about the coming of Jesus Christ. It says He came "with power" (vs. 5). I really got to pondering this thought. I have never regarded this little baby born in Bethlehem as being born "with power." I mean, of course He was, but I never thought about that before. He had it all there. His potential was endless.

So, I got to thinking that in terms of these little people (and not so little people) that dwell in this madhouse. Who are we? What potential do we hold. What abilities did God bless us with from before our births, and are we living up to them?

As I read on, it spoke of His life spent blessing the lives of others. It spoke of Him casting out the "evil spirits" from people's souls. I pondered on His obedience to His Father. These things made me realize more about human potential.

Everyone we meet every minute of every day has a God-given potential. To tap into this potential, we must connect with Him who gave it to us. The more we connect and are obedient to Him, the more we will uncover, and as we continue in this way, it will become part of who we are. As we serve others, we are connecting.

Then I got to thinking about the "evil spirit" part. We all have them. They are the things we allow to take us away from Him. They are the things that keep us from being obedient. They are the things that I use as excuses for skipping out on scripture reading or attending the temple or avoiding my visiting teaching. If we can rid ourselves, or better yet, ask Him to help us overcome them, we will find part of our potential.

So, the big question for the day, what am I going to do to bring my potential out? What can I overcome now to draw closer to God and what He wants me to be?


Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful post & thought. thank you for this!

Brandie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Needed to read this today. I have been burdened with all kinds of muck the past few days mostly self induced. Thanks for helping me see the "light".

Tonya said...

Awesome insight. Thanks Julie!

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