Monday, September 7, 2009

Never Do For a Child...

...what a child can do for himself.

This has been my credo from the beginning. For that reason, I have never made a school lunch. Should I be ashamed of myself for this? I have taught my children how to do for themselves in this area. I think, had they experienced my school lunches, they would thank me for this--I am very uncreative (is that a word?) in this area.

When our oldest went off to first grade, I posted a list on the inside of the cupboard that holds most of the food in our home. It had listed breads, proteins, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, desserts and drinks that are kept on hand for their use. They could choose from the list, they just had to make sure that each area was represented. I have had to learn to step back and be okay with whatever strange combination they come up with.

So, funny story. Once, when he was in second grade, I went on a field trip with my oldest son. We both packed our own lunches. I had pb&j, a string cheese, baby carrots, an apple and a water bottle. He had the most amazing lunch. I couldn't believe it and begged for a trade. He told me that next time I went with him, he'd make my lunch too.

When our kids enter first grade, they are so excited to make lunch. It's been a very funny thing to see.


Grace said...

wow...i must admit i packed my kids' lunches in grade school and most through high school as well. (although today bethany packed her own)
for me it was something i enjoyed doing and sometimes adding that something "special" to their lunch that would surprise them or make them happy.
good for you smart!

Alyson said...

Hmm. Now I'm wishing I'd started this. I make B and Emma lunches every day, and I make their breakfast. I get up 40 minutes earlier than I need to and sacrifice all that time (which I really should use for exercising) in order to give them food.

They could do that themselves. Why don't they? Now, because they expect me to do it.

Anonymous said...

What a good idea!! We still have 2 years until that starts, but thanks for the great tip. Sometimes I feel like I should be the do-it-all mom, but then it will hinder them from becoming independent and learning and expeirienceing more. THANKS!

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