Friday, September 25, 2009

Swine Flu?

I started this blog as a personal journal. As you can see, I'm doing a pretty lousy job at keeping this goal up. This is kind of how life goes for me. I want to do well then life happens.

One of the things life has dealt us lately is a battle with the flu. We still haven't received test results to know if it's H1N1/Swine flu, but I have a hard time believing it would be anything else. A woke up in the morning, last Thursday, telling me he had a fever. His lips were white. He was struggling to breathe, and his heart was racing. While waiting on hold for a nurse, the area around his mouth started to turn gray. He's had asthma in the past but it's been very mild and manageable. By that evening, he was in the hospital. He was there for two nights as they were trying to get his blood oxygen level to stabilize. He spent those three days on oxygen. It was a scary time. I'm grateful for modern medicine and the priesthood.

During all of this, T decided it was time to potty train. I'm not one to set the clock and tell my kids when to go. I did on my first couple children, but it was just too darn stressful. T is now nearly trained. He's doing a great job. It's just been an interesting time to do this.

So, along with this flu stuff, I've learned that there is no medicine for a child less than a year old. This has had me pretty concerned. L was with A and me through the first part of this ordeal. It ended up that the oldest two kids had pretty good signs that they were experiencing it too--fever, headache, achiness, and the younger boys on either side of A had runny noses, coughs, and congestion (also signs of this flu). Z, who stayed with A in the hospital, started to come down with something similar by Sunday. We've been surrounded by it, but L, DJ and I have had no symptoms at all (I'm knocking on wood as I say this). Hand sanitizer is our constant companion. A keeps it in his pocket at all times. He's the one who doles it out if any of us need it.

My brother's been in town the last few days. His wife told him not to come to our house during his visit. Sad, but true. I totally understand this, but it makes me feel like we have the plague. Ah well, what can you do?


Alyson said...

*hugs plaguey you*

Devri said...

my baby went through the same symtoms, in the hospital with oxygen and all, but swine flu negative, and flu negative. If it is not it, gauranteed their is something wierd out their that makes people deathly ill.. hope your baby doesn't get it..

Take care of yourselves you little sickies! Funny thing about people being worried, they won't come to your house, but they will go to the store, school and get it anyways.. people are funny, but I don't trash on them cuz I'd probably do the same! :d

Unknown said...

What an ordeal! I hope no one else gets sick and everyone who is gets very well very soon. And in what I hope is not a totally twisted way of looking at things, it might be good if it is H1N1 so that you've had it, survived, and won't be able to get it again.

And really, the plague wouldn't have been the plague if people could have just stayed home, stayed away from each other, and not had rodents to pass it along, right? Happily we're minus the rodents these days, but it's still best to act like it's the plague.

*virtual hugs*

Darilyn said...

I had the worst head cold this past weekend. Luckily I headed to my mom's for some R&R and slept the weekend away. I returned feeling much better. I hope you are all well now.

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