Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stuff on My Mind

My computer has a virus again.  This is the second incident with this particular virus in a matter of a week.  I had to wait for Z to get home this evening to borrow his Mac.  It's late.  I want to go to bed, but I want to start in with a better habit of blogging.

I clipped coupons for most of the morning.  It was a HUGE job--one I've been avoiding for months.  Coupons, for me, are usually not this time consuming, so I hated it, but I got it done.  I had a mountain of recycling when it was all over.  I grabbed it all up in my arms; it looked like I was carrying a baby wrapped in newspaper, and I started out the door--in my socks.  Thank goodness it wasn't (and hadn't been) raining, but wouldn't you know it...two women from down the street came walking along just at the wrong time.  There I am, in my socks holding my recycling baby coming down the steps to the sidewalk.  I'm sure I looked a bit wacky.  Ah well.  It's the truth, I guess.  I am a bit wacky.

We went to McDonald's for dinner tonight because the recipe for the meal I'd started in on was on the plagued computer.  There's one McDonald's a ways away that has Happy Meals for super cheap every Tuesday evening, so we ventured.  As we rounded the corner, Q saw that they had Big Macs 2 for $4.  I hadn't had one of those in FOREVER!  So, it had to be done.  There's just something about that "special sauce."  Mmm.

I'm trying to be very good with my Weight Watcher points.  Problem is, I learned this past week that I needed to reduce my points by 6, so it's kind of killer right now.  Usually you go down one point at a time, which is very doable, but because L is eating more and more solids, I'm not getting all the points I was for nursing.  That's why the large reduction.

Anyway, a Big Mac is something like 15 points.  I now have 25 points a day, so was it really worth it to eat one?  Probably not.  I ate half and gave the rest to G who was already done inhaling his two McChickens.  What can I say, it looks better on him than on me.

Since I brought up the subject, Weight Watchers is much harder this time.  Part of the reason is that I only weigh in once a month.  That's all I have to do to maintain my "lifetime" status.  Because I'm outside my goal weight, I have to pay $13 a month until I'm back within that goal then I won't have to pay anything at all.  That will be nice.

I have lost every week I've gone in since starting up again (all but one time when I stayed the same).  But, the losses have been small--considering it's been a whole month since the last weigh in.  For example, this past Saturday, I'd lost 1.4 pounds since the month before.  If I were losing like I had been when I'd weighed in weekly, you'd think I'd be losing 4-5 pounds at each weigh in.  I'm a slacker, what can I say, but at least it's all been losses, so I can't get too discouraged by that.  This month, though, I'm determined to stick with it the whole month through and see what results I get.  So much of it is just a frame of mind, and I'm starting to get that way of thinking back, which is rather encouraging.

Oh, another random comment....
I'm reading about five books right now for my class.  The Wednesday Wars is one I'm required to read.  I'm enjoying it a lot.  Kind of fun and quirky.  If you get a moment, check it out.  I'd love to hear what you think.

I'm now a day behind in statistics class again because of the virus, but because it was fixed once before, I was able to back up the most important documents off my hard drive, so that has made me not nearly as stressed as the first time it went down.  That day, I felt like I was going to throw up whenever I considered the idea of an entire hard drive reset and the photos and half finished school documents that would be destroyed.  I'm grateful for people who are smart enough and willing enough to help a troubled soul out.  Phew!


vaxhacker said...

Oh, no!!!! That's the worst! Do you know where the virus is coming from,
or if it got fully out of the system before? If you need any help with that,
let us know. Or switch to a Mac :) (No, Z didn't pay me to say that... although... mmm, nevermind.)

And yeah, it's so true about the maintenance thing. You'd think that would be
so easy but it's really just a different challenge, isn't it? Hang in there,
though, it's worth it!

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