Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Barometer

Our house is loud.  That's all there is to it.  You can't have seven kids and not have a loud house.  It comes with the territory.  What's interesting is that there is a constant low rumble.  We all function within that rumble.  I have found this to be true because there is only one thing that upsets L--T's yelling, which happens with increasing frequency these days--it's summer, the kids are home, and he's not getting his way as much as he'd like.  Thus the yelling.

It makes me feel good that L enjoys a relatively quiet life.  I'm happy knowing that she is still upset by the loud noises around her thus showing me that maybe life isn't as noisy as I think it is.  I'm also happy knowing that I'm not the one yelling and causing her to cry.  I'm finding that most things can be handled with choices and calm words.

By no means would anyone with a smaller family call our house quiet, but it's nice to know we could be a whole lot louder.


Alyson said...

:) I know how you feel!

Dolly said...

I know just how a loud house functions:) I'm the eldest of nine kids and my hubby is eldest of ten! We have five of our own-plus the foster kids, friends that drop by and any relative that's in town at the moment. When we get together-it's a steady hum!

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