Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 12- How I Found Out About Blogger, and Why I Have a Blog

Oh my goodness.  Boring topic!!!

I found blogger through a google search, I believe.  I had heard the word "blog" quite a few times and really didn't find the attraction.  Even at first, I wrote one post and was bored to tears over it, so I left it alone.

A number of months later, my counterpart in the Young Women program at church started one.  Her's was cute.  It had a fun background and music that turned on automatically when you tuned in.  It was just her.  That was when the fun began.  I talked to Tonya about how she'd set it all up,and she gave me some pointers.  She admitted that she was addicted to it, and for some time, both of us were.

I have a blog for a few reasons.  I keep it as a journal and as a place to vent some of my pent up feelings.  I have had friends who have kept journals in books in which they have placed carefully placed pictures and cut out mementos.  I have always thought that so creative.  I don't have the foresight or patience for those things, but I wish I had that gift.  Here, I can place photos and fun things that illustrate the things I write about.

I also love it when people comment on what I write.  Who doesn't?  It's been a fun way to make connections with people and make new friends.


vaxhacker said...

I'm glad you, Tonya, and our other blogging friends do this. It's been great to keep in touch and interact more often. You guys also tend to inspire me to keep writing my own journal. And yes, the comments are great. There have been more than a few conversations in comment threads which have been very thought-provoking which never would have happened if we were just writing in a book on our shelf.

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