Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 17- Someone I Would Want to Switch Lives with for One Day and Why

I don't look at life this way very much.  I don't think I'd want to change places with some mega-superstar.  I think the fame and money would go to my head too quickly.  I wouldn't want to change places with someone who has a great amount of power because I would mess that up entirely even if only for a day.  I think it would be fascinating to be Kate Middleton for a day right about now, but nah.  I'm pretty happy with my little life.

So, that all said, I have two possibilities for day changes--either of my two older daughters.  I would love to have a "Freaky Friday" experience with either of them.  Most especially Inmate #1.  I think she's who I would pick. She has a great bedroom, lots of friends, and within reason, pretty much anything a teenage girl would need.  I think she knows she's got it pretty good.  She's got it together and is a good kid.

Let me tell you what would change if I were her for a day, though.  First thing, that bedroom would be clean.  She would learn to drive and take charge of the things she wants done instead of waiting for the parents to get it done for her.  She would get all of her homework done that she has over the break, so she has the rest to play and do what she wants with it.

If she were me for a day, I think my talents would get developed a lot more than they do.  I would take time for the fun things of life.  I would take time to be more social.


Anonymous said...

Very cute post. I thought for sure you were going to go the route of megastar glamor. I love the idea of switching with a daughter! I loved Freaky Friday for that reason.

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