Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 18- Plans/Dreams/Goals I Have

What if I don't want to answer this one?

At this point in life (and winter vacation), I'm just trying to get through day to day.  Here it is 10:45 at night, and I haven't even finished the laundry for today.  I'm getting all the stuff ready for Sunday and making sure that all the teachers have their manuals and sharing time is prepared and class lists are prepared for the doors for new classes.

I don't even feel like talking about my goals and dreams right now.

I dream of having a truly clean house.  There, how's that?  I see things streamlined around here and organized and beautified.  Part of my problem is that these dreams seem like a lifetime away.  I don't do anything right now to see them come to pass, when really I could, but I just don't.  I'm waiting for life to get easier.  I shouldn't wait.  I know that, so why do I?  I do this in a lot of areas of my life.

It's that "someday I'll arrive" attitude.  It's dangerous.

Someday I want to design and build my own home.  Will it ever happen?  I'm halfway through my life.  I don't think it will, but I would sure love it if it did.  How would I afford that with seven kids?  Anything's possible, right?

My goal is to finish school, and I'm not that far away.  The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter.  From there, a master's degree, but I'm not sure in what yet. 

Honestly, this post is probably a little too honest.  Sometime, when I have time to sit around and dream and plan, I'll let you know what I plan to dream.


vaxhacker said...

Sounds pretty close to how I feel on a lot of those points.

Don't forget to plan to dream, though, that's important.

Where the heck was I even with this meme? I'm way behind on that. I think I need to find a picture of my friends again...

Jef said...


When you're done with school, audit an architecture class at PSU or UofP ... not like you have anything else to fill your life with right :-) ... I enjoy keeping up with your family through your blog. Thanks for being on top of it.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your honesty. I believe we all feel that way one way or another. This sort of goes with my post I did today on thanking God even for the crappy things. Sometimes the lack of realizing our dreams can be "crappy". Thanks for your post, your honesty, and your sense of humor. That's what keeps me coming back. ;0)

Tonya said...

Oh, I know all about dreams and dreams that haven't come to pass.

My dream was to build and design our home as well. As you know that didn't happen and we don't have plans to move at all now, so I will love my home and be happy where we are.

I love your honesty. You are real. You are cool. In fact, you're real cool :)

Jen said...

There's nothing wrong with dreaming even if it doesn't transpire. Dreaming gives us hope. It helps unleash our creativity. I live in a cracker-box house, in a gross neighborhood. I have dreamed about leaving this whole for a long time and living in a beautiful mansion ;0). Talking about this reminds me of the movie "Up" where he and his wife dream of going to their dream destination. They saved and saved. Then emptied their jar because of bills and his wife dies and they were never able to realize their dreams together. But somehow along the way, he realizes that the real "prize" was in the adventures they shared along the way. I would be sad to leave this house. It holds so many wonderful adventures we've had together as a family. BTW, I totally laughed when I opened your blog and saw your family header. What a crack up! Very cute.

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