Friday, February 20, 2009

I Only Have a Second

Gotta run some kids out the door and up to the school, but I thought I'd give a quick update of yesterday's happenings with the doctor.

I called, and the ob told me to go in and have a blood test run to see if I have the immunities for fifth disease. I was then transferred to the pediatrics office and made an appointment for the early afternoon.

By yesterday morning, the rash had paled in color but was still very sandpaper-like.

We saw Dr. Hamill (not our regular doctor, but he was GREAT!). T is my hardest kid so far at the doctor's office, but the dr. came in, told T he was going to look in his ears but before he did, he needed to give T the proper tools. He handed him a tongue depressor, the reflex hammer and a little black, cone-like thing for checking his ears (don't know what it's called, but you know what I'm talking about). He asked T to hold each one for him. This completely distracted T from what was going on. It was all a breeze. I have to make a note here, that I have recommitted myself to "Jim Fay"ing the kids at our home, which has made a BIG difference in T even in two days. I think this may have affected his behavior yesterday as well.

So, the result, Dr. Hamill doesn't believe it is Fifth Disease but just a viral rash. He has no signs of a rash on his extremities and isn't extremely sick respiratorily (is that a word?), so just part of the virus?

I went down and got the blood test done anyway. I meet with my dr. on Monday afternoon, but they probably won't have the results by then, so we'll see some time next week.

One thing Dr. Hamill did tell me, which I didn't know, and I've heard varying things, is that Fifth Disease is most dangerous in the 2nd trimester (right where I am), so let's hope for immunity, or that it's not Fifth Disease.

By the way, if you're a Kaiser patient, I highly recommend Dr. Hamill. If I ever have to change from the pediatrician that we love so much, he might just be my second choice.


Jana said...

Oh my Gosh!! I will pray for you.I had two miscarriages and the 2nd one was because of 5th disease. I was 21weeks along.I will be keepinf you in my prayers.

The Garver Family said...

I'll certainly keep you in my prayers, of course.

Quawana said...

Julie congrats to you guys on the baby girl! I hope that the test comes out ok for you. Dr. H has been our peds doc since we switched to Kaiser 6 years ago. We love him to pieces! He is just awsome!

Tonya said...

Hey Julie. That rash sounds crazy. I don't know anything about it but it doesn't sound good. Is it harmless if your not pregnant? What building is Dr. Hamill at? We go to Beaverton and see Michelle Ruby, but sometimes we have to see someone else, so if he's at Beaverton I would like to have his name on hand. We LOVE Ruby by the way.

Anonymous said...

oh Julie! that is scary and i hope and pray that it is NOT Fifth's disease

Breezy said...

That's so funny that you love Dr. Hamill! He was Greyson's doctor and we adored him. He was so cute with him always and actually seemed to remember us which is rare with doctors now days. It was so strange that you had all of this going on because the day after I read your first post my Sister called to say her daughter had it. We were all supposed to get together on Sunday and I said no - now their whole family has it so I'm so glad I made that choice. Things will go well for you and I'm sure it will all be okay. Just being aware and getting the blood test done is taking steps in the right direction.

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