Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Best Friends

I got on facebook last night to check it really quickly before going to bed.  I found a notification from one of Q's friends, so I checked that out.  I said that I was her #8 best friend on facebook.  I thought that was nice, so I decided that I'd try the same thing to see who my best friends are.  I pushed the button and waited forever, so I pushed it again--can't ever accuse me of being overly patient.

When it finally came up, after it said it was going to analyze my friends, nine of my top ten were family members.  I wondered if it was rigged, so I looked at Q's friend's list to see if hers were all family members.  Hers weren't.  Her mom was actually #6 (or so) on her list.  The others were just friends.

I got to thinking about this today and realized that yes, my family members are my best friends.  Funny thing was that my in-laws were on my list too.  I really am blessed with a wonderful family all the way around.

The one person who wasn't a family member is a woman in our ward.  I LOVE her!  She's amazing!  After looking at my list, I realized that if I got to choose someone to be my sister, she'd be it.


Tonya said...

Now, that is really cool Julie. Our FHE lesson tonight was this,


It's called the 4-F formula:0)

Devri said...

Love it!!! family is the best thing in dah world.. hugs to you

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