Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh Wow!

My three oldest children and I, as of a year and a half ago, all had the same shoe size.  Now, if I put my feet into their shoes, they dwarf me, and as far as height goes, I have become an arm rest for them.  Nice of me, huh?

Well, yesterday, Q walked in wearing her dress for Winter Formal.  It's black and white, and she's GORGEOUS in it.  She borrowed a very cute pair of shoes to go with it.  The friend she borrowed them from came home with her after school yesterday.  When Q walked in the room, her friend and I both said the same thing, "Skyscraper."  Such a funny reaction.  She really was very tall in the high heels.  I don't think she has much experience with heels, so we'll see how she does this weekend at the dance.

I will post photos, so you can see her too.  It will probably be on Sunday.


P4 said...

Well, that is what happens when their dad is a giant! I will never forget one time you, me, and Z all walked from one yellow parking spot line to another and counted our steps. He had like half the amount compared to us!

Thanks for the Christmas card! I love and miss you guys!

Alesha said...

She may be a "Skyscraper", but she sure is a beautiful one!

Tonya said...

I can't wait to see pictures!!!

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