Saturday, January 2, 2010

Week in Review

We started this week at the beach at Z's parents' home.  We have spent Christmas with them every year since before we were married.  Our first Christmas as a married couple, we decided that we'd spend the holidays with them as long as they were around and wanted us to.  In my family growing up, by the time I came along there were no grandparents to celebrate with.  We feel that this is a great opportunity for our kids, so it continues.  A couple of our kids voted to spend Christmas just us this year, but yay for parental veto power.

Z's brother, wife and two kids arrived on the 26th, and it was great to get to spend time with them.  We went on a double date on Monday and went out to pie at the Chalet Restaurant in Newport.  The pie was DELICIOUS!

We had promised B that we'd take him to Red Robin for his birthday, which was Tuesday, so we headed home Tuesday afternoon.  It was great to be home!  Funny, I'm always excited to go, but I'm usually just as excited to get home again.  Red Robin was fun.  I don't know how many baskets of fries we went through, but I can tell you it seemed like they just kept coming.  We are moving A and B's birthday celebrations to the summer starting this year for a number of reasons, so I had told B that he wouldn't be getting any presents this year.  He, surprisingly, said he was fine with that.  You know I could never do that to him, but he was surprised when Q handed him two packages at the restaurant.

On Wednesday, Q, DJ, L and I went to visit an old friend.  I hadn't seen her in some time.  I ran into her about two years ago at Time Out for Women.  It was completely out of the blue.  I sat in on her missionary discussions when G was a tiny baby.  I was also her escort through them temple a year after she was baptized.  When I ran into her at Time Out, she told me that she was living in Hillsboro--not far from us.  I was so thrilled.  Anyway, she had us over, we had lunch, and brought our favorite book from this past year to share.  She shared the book Pillage with us.  Q just finished it last night and now it's in mine to read.  We had a very nice lunch and visit.  While we visited, it started to snow.  This cut our time short as things started to accumulate outside.

B and G have been trying to accomplish some of their scouting requirements this vacation.  It's been good to see.  G's nearly done with the electronics merit badge, and B has just started into the world of Webelos.  We also tied some quilts.  While we were at the beach, I bought a quilting frame for 50% off.  It'll be nice to have.

Thursday morning Z and I took our weekly date.  He took me to Tom's Pancake House.  I had marionberry crepes.  They were so good.  We discussed the coming year and some of our plans.

That night, we had a party here with fourteen teenagers before they went to the youth dance.  Q and G both invited some friends.  We started at 7pm and took the kids to the dance at 9pm.  We then went back and picked them all up at midnight.  DJ had a friend spend the night too.

Yesterday was my family's "Christmas" party.  Now that my brother's close by (just moved back into town from Seattle), he and his wife are great about hosting family get-togethers.  We had a white elephant exchange.  There were some pretty funny gifts there.  My oldest brother's son got a CD set that teaches how to be a gentleman.  We were teasing him that at the family reunion this summer he'd have to teach a mini-workshop on the principles he learns from it to the younger male cousins.

Today Z, Q and B went to help Z's younger brother move.  He's moved to Washougal, Washington, where my dad lives.  I guess, according to Z, he's only a few blocks away from him.  Small world!

While they were gone, G went babysitting and worked a bit more on his merit badge requirements.  So, a good part of the family was gone most of the day.  I prepared for my new nursery class--playdough is made.  I also made more aprons for this class, since I gave the last class the ones I made for them shortly after I was called to be their teacher.  These new ones are very colorful.  I really like making them--so easy.  I also started the preparations for A's birthday tomorrow.  He'll be seven.  The Next Best Thing to Robert Redford is in the fridge just waiting to be eaten.  He chose Oreo Jello for the middle and crushed Oreos for the top.  We'll also be having tacos for dinner--his choice.

Tonight, Q is gone on her first official date.  It's been a funny road as she's turned 16.  Kind of strange to have a child at this age and stage in life.


Grace said...

Julie, it sounds like you had a fun but busy break for Christmas. I have never been to the beach for Christmas..i bet that was great!
Quinlan on her first date! really is crazy how fast kids grow up...i'm going to be a Gramma this coming that really makes me feel old

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