Monday, November 8, 2010

A Couple Thoughts While I Read

I have a TON of things to do.  I'm behind in my studies with this weekend's fun activities, so I HAVE to get on that.  Monday is also laundry day, and I was left with a sink full of dishes; although, the dishwasher is empty and just waiting to receive.  I have two hours until I go pick up Inmate #6 and Inmate #7 is asleep, so now is my time.

I decided that my greatest chance for success this morning is if I include some prayer and scripture study, so I begged for some help and turned to Alma 53.  Within the first five verses, I'm already impressed with a few ideas....

In verse two, it talks about Lehi.  I love that I have Lehies in my life--those who have been placed in my path to ease my burdens and stress.  Those who have so willingly shared in my tough times and my happy times.  I especially love the idea that God is aware of me and that He blesses my life with His grace.

In verse five, I feel like it's giving me a clue on how to deal with my kids (one in particular).  It's speaking about when the Nephites are preparing for future battles, and they're fortifying their land and using the Lamanite prisoners to get the work done.  I almost started laughing when I read, "It was easy to guard them while at their labor."

One of my little cherubs is very busy all the time.  It would be nice if that busy-ness was constructive and creative, but alas....I need to get this kid working!

I love the little parental secrets and clues given in the scriptures.  YAY!!!

Have a great day!  Look for miracles.


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