Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 5- A Picture of Somewhere I've Been

Punchbowl Falls the Columbia River Gorge

I haven't been to these falls since I was a teenager.  We live about an hour away from the Gorge, but these falls are inland a bit, and I hadn't yet roped my kids into the idea of hiking in that far.  We have settled for those falls on the roadside and those just off the beaten path.  This particular hike took my brother being in town to go do it.  He told me he was taking his family there while we were on the phone trying to figure out a place to meet up before he left town.  I jumped at the chance to meet them there and hike with them.  I think he was a bit surprised that I'd want to.  I've been dying to get back to Punchbowl Falls.  It's so beautiful!  If you're LDS, it should look a bit familiar to you.


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