Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Out of Control?

I received the recordings of What Not to Wear from Netflix a few weeks ago.  They were the "Mom Makeover" episodes.  It was fascinating to me.  I related to those women, most of them, so much.  One thing that was reiterated to almost each woman was "You dress like you're out of control."

I have never been one to worry too much about what I wear.  That's not exactly true.  In high school, I cared a lot.  A number of years back, my sister took me shopping and bought me some very nice clothes.  It was right at the time when the Warden's job changed, and my sister felt it important that I look the part of being wife to such a man.  I did well for a couple years.  Until I got pregnant.  It's hard to dress such a round body and then to dress it afterward when it's not quite down to the size you like to dress, it continues to be a struggle.

After seeing these episodes, I decided that I don't want to look like an "out of control" mom.   As I have changed how I dress, it's amazing how it's effected other areas of my life, but it's also made me look at what other things might be out of control for me.

The Warden read me this article today.  Don't get me started.  Ugh!  What was the teacher supposed to do?  I questioned the Warden about this, and he shared with me just what would happen in this case at his school.  It's sad that things have to get this bad.  Who is helping this kid get some control in his life?  Shouldn't he start learning it from this young age?

It just makes it so clear to me.  Wow!  We, as a nation, are out of control!  Look around you to learn from the mistakes of others, but mostly look at yourself.  We're all out of control in some area of our lives.  Is it your weight?  Is it your house?  Is it your kids?  Is it your job?  Are you addicted to something that you now "can't do without?"  Do you overspend?  What is it for you?  For me, it's a number of these.

So, I have to ask, what can you do to put things back in control in your life?

To not "look out of control," as I learned from What Not to Wear, is just he beginning.  From there, it's a matter of not being out of control.  I must put things in order.  It's up to me.  This world is crazy.  I can join them, or I can beat them.  The words, "Arise from the dust," and "Shake off the chains with which you are bound" keep coming into my mind.  Beating them is what I plan to do. 


Alyson said...

My [literal, physical] desk top is definitely out of control. Five students put stuff there that I can't get to, and then can't get to, and it builds, and no matter how tidy the rest of the house is my desk is usually a wreck. :(

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